SUTIL LUXE lubricant review

SUTIL LUXE lubricant review

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Having experienced sexual health issues in my 20’s and 30’s including recurrent infections such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis, cystitis and urinary tract infections (UTI) , all of which led to vaginismus which I discovered had been caused by irritating ingredients in sexual lubricants like KY and well known brands I have been incredibly cautious about what sexual lubricant I use. I avoid any product that contains glycerin that can cause thrush, propylene glycols which are well known vaginal irritants, parabens which are oestrogenic and have no place inside our bodies, dyes, glitter, warming and cooling ingredients. I have tried flavoured lubricants but only for oral sex on a penis.

Having tried many other lubricants, my go to lube is an organic oil based lube as I find many water based products do not last long enough so discovering SUTIL Luxe has been amazing as it is a water based lubricant that feels like a silicone lubricant!

What is Sutil Luxe?

Created by Mellta Swift, SUTIL Luxe contains skin safe Eco-Cert ingredients, some organically farmed, which means they are derived from renewable resources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, even the sleek tube is biodegradable, no outer packaging and no paper waste. The tube looks like an expensive body lotion or hand cream with just the word luxe body glide, so very discrete, perfect for leaving on your bedside table or popping in your bag.

As I always avoid propylene glycol and glycerin it was good to to note that Propanediol which is a bio-based substitute for Propylene Glycol and Glycerin, derived from non GMO Corn through an environmentally sustainable process is used instead. Used in hypo-allergenic skincare it is gentle and soothing with virtually no adverse skin reactions.

All this ticked every box for me, however you never know how it is going to feel until you try it.

Testing SUTIL Luxe

So on receiving my 60ml tube which I first thought, “this won’t last very long”, I tried a patch test on the inside of my arm and on a small area of one of my labia. This is something we always recommend rather than putting it straight on for sex and then discovering it stings, itches or cause irritation, neither pleasurebale or sexy!

Having done a patch test without any problem we decided to use it for sex. Still feeling apprehensive and not sure how much to use I popped a small amount onto my vulva and my partner put some on his penis. I was really surprised that it felt like a silicone lube without the silicone so easier to wash off! Really silky smooth, it felt so good when my partner gently caressed my clitoris. Always in a hurry, not being a huge foreplay fan, I urged him to penetrate me.

It’s quite hard to explain how this lubricant feels because it was different to anything I’ve ever tried. After only a few minutes I became incredibly wet which felt amazing and something my partner commented on, he thought I’d squirted and so did I! The only way I can describe this pleasurable sensation was that it felt cushioned, if that makes sense, as if his penis was gliding against my vagina. Becoming so wet and so quickly made sex feel out of this world. In fact my own lubrication just kept pouring out onto the sheet ( note to self – use a towel next time!).

I always find being wet such a turn on as does my partner and makes sex last so much longer so this felt incredibly arousing and very intimate, and enjoying really deep penetration which stimulated my A-spot ( now I know where it is) culminated in powerful orgasms for us both.

Popping to the toilet to have my post sex wee, a must for anyone with a vulva and vagina to prevent cystitis and UTIs ( not very glamorous but essential) and noted that I felt no irritation, soreness or itching so all positive signs for me.

Every time we have used SUTIL Luxe I have become wet quickly so that’s a plus for me. I’ve also used it when testing new sex toys and it felt great too. My doubts about the size of the tube have never materialised as you only have to use such a small amount and there has never been any need to reapply it, like you often have to with many water based products. If you feel the need to add more, just reactivate it with water.

It is a great skin safe lube to use if you find water based products don’t last long enough, cause irritation or if you like using an oil based lubricant but want to/need to use condoms ( oil based lubes will destroy latex condoms). Unlike an oil based or silicone lube it is easy to wash off as it is water based.

Coming in a range of sizes, 10ml, 60ml and 120ml, the 10ml is the perfect size to test and decide if SUTIL Luxe is for you.

H2. How Was It For You?

OMG! Does SUTIL Luxe do what it says on the label? Yes it does and so much more. I couldn’t believe it was a water based lubricant. It felt like a silicone lubricant but much more silky and lasted so long. It blends with your own natural lubrication which makes it feel as if you aren’t using a lubricant at all.

If you enjoy using silicone lubricant and want to play with silicone sex toys, water based lubes don’t work for you and you care about your intimate health and the environment SUTIL Luxe is the sexual lubricant for you. A little goes a very long way so a tube of SUTIL Luxe is going to last quite some time depending on just how much sex you’re having!


  • Very long-lasting non-irritating with a silky feel
  • Has a pH of 4.5, which is optimal for the vagina
  • Also works well for anal sex, toy play and as a intimate moisturizer
  • Made with the finest botanical Eco-Certified Ingredients
  • Water based but feels like silicone
  • Paraben and glycerin free
  • Condom and sex toy friendly
  • Comes in a biodegradable tube, no paper packaging or waste
  • Vegan
  • Unscented
  • Blends seamlessly with your own natural body fluids
  • You only need to use a very small amount
  • Easy to wash off


  • Not related to Sutil Luxe but I got very wet! Ensure you have a towel handy for your bedsheets!