The Benefits of Silicone Sex Toys

The Benefits of Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone sex toys have a velvety soft feel and their pebble-smooth texture feels wonderful against skin, making them feel extremely pleasurable to use.

When comparing silicone sex toys to their jelly and latex counterparts, silicone reigns supreme due to being 100% skin safe, non-porous and easy to clean, so they also protect your sexual health too.

Sex toys made from jelly, rubber and latex are porous materials which can be harmful to sexual health and pleasure. These materials leach chemicals into your body ( the vagina is highly absorbant) and can also degrade over time. They can also degrade when used with certain sexual lubricants. Many people are allergic to latex, therefore latex sex toys can be potentially dangerous to their health.

Often manufacturers will perfume their products to conceal the smell of the jelly or rubber too.

We have many silicone sex toys from clitoral stimulators that vibrate or gently suck to vibrators that offer deep levels of vibratory power or even thrust on their own, to masturbators that use pulse plate technology which create sensational sexual stimulation. From battery operated to rechargable, our skin safe silicone sex toys are made for the higest quality silicone, benefiting both your sexual health and pleasure.

PicoBong Zizo Classic Vibrator

PicoBong Zizo is a classic silicone vibrator with an all-over soft and luxurious feel. The silicone sheen enhances the sleek and minimal curves of this vibrator and the quiet motor provides incredible sensations.

This toy is perfect for someone who new to vibrators and wants to start off with an unintimidating and highly satisfying toy. Zizo can even be used underwater as it is waterproof up to a depth of 1 metre. The water erotically glides off this silky toy, enhancing the possibilities for both bedroom and bathroom fun.

Je Joue Mimi Soft

Je Joue Mimi Soft is a gorgeous clitoral stimulator that harnesses wonderfully rumbling vibrations resulting in immense orgasmic release. Thanks to its soft and squidgy tip, it glides across your delicate skin in style, promising pure pleasure sensations to melt away your stresses.

Its ergonomic design means that the Mimi Soft sits snuggly in the palm of your hand for added comfort, and its wide, flat design offers fuller stimulation of the clitoris and vulval area to satisfy insatiable appetites.

With five speeds and seven vibration patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the right vibe for you. What’s more, Mimi Soft is 100% body safe, waterproof and rechargeable for sensual play wherever the mood takes you!

Fun Factory Amor Dildo

Silicone is especially beneficial for the Fun Factory Amor because it makes this dildo feel firm but not solid, so perfect for comfortable first time play. Silicone dildos like Amor are ideal toys for those put off by vibrating toys and prefer a natural sensation.

This elegantly shaped toy is also ideal for beginners due to its unintimidating size. Amor is 6” (14.5cm) long with a fulfilling circumference of 4” (10cm), making this toy ideal for all levels of users and types of play.

Sportsheets Please

The Sportsheets Please is a 100% silicone dildo designed to please with its sleek, slender flexible shape, ideal for those who enjoy a petite penetration.

Great for beginners, female -female sex and pegging, it’s flared base makes it harness compatible and suitable for anal use, meaning men and women alike can truly relish the gorgeous feel of Please’s slim silicone shaft.

Pulse SOLO Essential by Hot Octopuss

Now in version 3, this guybrator features magnetic charging, and a Turbo Boost mode to take you to the maximum power just when you need it. It also now features an anti-stall mechanism that boosts the power when you apply pressure to the Pulse Plate, ensuring the pleasure never stops.

With five pre-set vibration modes, the unique oscillating PulsePlates have been designed to provide the most powerful orgasm yet. The Pulse III SOLO’s unparalleled style can be used whether the penis is erect or flaccid, meaning those with ED can still enjoy the scintillating sensations.

The ergonomically pleasing SOLO can be used with or without lubricant, creating two completely different sensations for you to discover. When used with lubrication, the Pulse becomes the world’s most innovative male masturbator, while without, it can be used statically for a totally unique, prolonged orgasm.

The Pulse SOLO Essential firmly holds the penis within its wings, while the oscillating plates massage the frenulum for sensations like never before.

Je Joue Mio

Silicone is great not only because it is flexible but it stretches too. The Jo Joue Mio vibrating cock ring is a superbly stretchy cock ring to accommodate the more well endowed, or can be worn over both the penis and testicles to enhance the size and strength of an erection like never before.

The Mio has a wider, flatter motor that offers fuller stimulation across the clitoris and labia, and delivers wonderfully rumbling vibrations for the two of you to share together. With five speeds and seven vibration settings to choose from, you’re sure to find feel good vibes best suited to your needs.


LELO SONA 2 is a sonic wave stimulator powered by SenSonic technology.

The silicone absorbs sonic waves and pulses and transmits them back to the clitoris. These waves stimulate the internal and external parts of the clitoris, gently teasing and caressing you to an all consuming climax, the like of which you have never experienced before.

The sensation is totally different to vibration and it is ideal for those who struggle to orgasm. For more experienced users, it offers an intriguing variation.

Anal Sex toys

From non vibrating butt plugs and vibrating anal toys, silicone anal toys offer sensational anal stimulation. The silky smooth texture of silicone prostate massagers allow you to exprience intense prostate stimulation leading to explosive prostate orgasms. The We-Vibe Ditto is remote controlled so perfect for couples play and enjoying anal pleasure in public in secret!

Which lubricants are suitable for silicone sex toys?

Silicone lubricants will damage silicone toys, so the only lubricants that are suitable for silicone sex toys are either water-based or oil-based.

Water-based lubricant is odourless, tasteless, non-staining and provides a lovely natural feel. If it feels like it is drying out slightly, it can always be re-activated with a little sprinkling of water. Oil-based lubricant has a thicker consistency than water-based, so is perfect for use with anal toys or for those of you looking for a more substantial lubricant.

Being pH balanced to that of the anus YESBUT is perfect for anal play.

If you’re still unsure as to which lubricant you would prefer, try the excellent value for money YES Organic Lubricant Selection Pack which includes both water-based and oil-based lubricants.

How should I keep my silicone sex toy clean?

As a material, silicone tends to attract dust, so it’s of the utmost importance that your sex toy is 100% hygienic and free of all dust before use. We recommend either washing it with soap and water or use a toy cleaner. One useful tip is to dry with with a hairdryer to remove any dust and store in a cloth bag.