Hitting The High Notes

Hitting The High Notes

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Vibrators are being used by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada to help give singers and actors more vocal power. They have found that by pressing a small vibrator against the throats of singers and actors can help improve projection and vocal range.

David Ley who worked on the project began researching a new method of massaging the larynx to loosen tension after some people couldn’t cope with the feeling of fingers on their throat.

He researched vibrators and found that the LELO Siri has a vibration frequency similar to that of the human voice. He found that by applying the vibrator to a singer’s neck over the vocals cords produced astounding results. It freed tension in the laryngeal muscles and stimulated vibrations in the vocal cords. One actress with a particularly demanding musical role found it relieved the stress she felt in her voice after a performance. The Siri was also small enough to conceal in her pocket and use discreetly when required.

This could also have huge implications for people suffering from serious cases of vocal stress caused by disease, illness or injury.

With the release of the upgraded version of the Lelo Siri v2 you can both sync the vibrations of the sex toy to your favourite soundtrack and you can also sing your favourite song for it to pick up the beat and vibrate accordingly.

Just be careful what tune you pick! A friend who is a singing teacher suggests you may want to avoid “Flight of the Bumblebee” or the “William Tell Overture”!

So if you want to improve your vocal performance, try a vibrator to hit those top notes!