A Chocolatey Mess

A Chocolatey Mess

Chocolate, diary, I love chocolate. I know it’s not unusual, who doesn’t? But there is such a thrilling satisfaction in delicately devouring a bar of chocolate that you just don’t get for any other food stuff. Easter is a time filled with plentiful chocolate. I know it’s not the only reason Easter exists and all, the spiritual side is very important to me and many people but chocolate only enhances the joy of it all I feel.

As a kid I’d be lucky to get more than an egg or two. Mum and Dad would get me one and Grandad and Grandma but then that was it, really. And there was nothing bad in that. Two eggs, lots of chocolate and I was happy. The kids, even now they’re older and don’t join in with egg hunts and decorating egg contests and Easter bonnet parades still get a ton of chocolate for Easter. Eggs fly in from all kinds of sources until our kitchen’s cupboards overflow with chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes.

They never all get eaten. In fact last year, I found a lonely little egg at Christmas time, it had dropped down and landed in our crate of Christmas crockery and there it had stayed. No one had noticed it was missing. The kids pick and nibble at the chocolate and so do me and Mr Divine. It’s difficult not to be seduced by its siren call. Last night we had our home to ourselves for the evening as the kids were out at the cinema with friends. Mr Divine and I settled down on the sofa for some snuggling and mindless telly watching. We also raided the already forming Easter egg pile for something to pick at. A bag of small, candy coated eggs fitted the bill quite nicely and we merrily munched them together.

Some of them we shared. It was daft really, I went to kiss him on the cheek, just because and he moved his lips in the way so we kissed properly. Thing was he still had a chocolate in his mouth so the kiss had a molten chocolate core. It was the beginning of something silly and very sexy. We shared a few more chocolate infused snogs then clothing got loosened and chocolate eggs were pressed into various nooks and crannies until we were both quite sticky and not just from the sweeties. We had to go and take a shower to clean up, I dumped our clothes in the washing machine on the way, and the throw from over the sofa. I told you we got messy.

We shared the shower, carefully clearing off the evidence of our chocolate lust frenzy which led to a shower and soap lust frenzy and two very pink, very breathless adults exiting the shower with huge smiles on their faces. Twice in one night? Now that’s a rarity these days and was definitely something to celebrate. So once we dressed, we went back downstairs to enjoy a glass of red wine each… and although we were good, I got some wicked ideas for what we could do with that wine the next time the kids were out…

Written By : Staff