A Naughty Weekend

A Naughty Weekend

Spring has sprung, dear diary, and love and lust is in the air. The sun is out and I’ve swapped my jeans and jumpers for skirts and t-shirts. I went shopping earlier in the week and it seemed like the world was engaged in flirting, even the pigeons I walked past in the centre of town were cooing and strutting and desperately trying to impress their female counterparts.

I picked out some pretty nail polish in pastel pink to treat my toes and a short skirt that swirled around my knees. Light in weight and pattern it lifted my spirits when I tried it on, I even twirled in the changing room and watched the material flair out around me. I giggled quite loudly and I wondered what people thought I was up to. It made me a feel a little naughty and I winked to the assistant when I pulled back the curtain and walked back out into the shop.

I was in high spirits, preparing for a rare treat. A weekend alone with my husband, the kids off for sleep overs at the same time for a change giving us a rare opportunity to enjoy two days and a night in each other’s company with nothing to do, no demands on our time and the opportunity to get naked together. Isn’t it funny that you spend more time getting dressed when you know you’re going to take all your clothes off again later?

We went out for a lovely meal, had a few glasses of wine and indulged in a seriously wicked slice of chocolate cake for dessert. Mr Divine couldn’t take his eyes off me and he took great pleasure in pointing out other men who were taken by my revealed assets. I swear he does it just to make me blush, he likes it when I squirm in public. And in private when it comes to that…

We were all over each other the moment we got in, he enjoyed the smoothness of my legs, the sparkle of my toenails. I loved being the centre of his attention. Sometimes you forget that sex is not just about fulfilling a physical need, it’s also a bonding experience and incredibly intimate.

Me and the other half both have demanding jobs and kids so life can often get incredibly busy and the sex can take a back seat. I have vowed not to let that happen in future. We need the intimacy and the time to be together, to talk with our bodies and then with our mouths as we relax in the afterglow.

It was a fabulous weekend, with sex, good food and laughter. We didn’t do anything particularly kinky, but we talked about it. My husband has such a sexy voice and to have him whisper his sexiest fantasies in my ear drives me wild and he’s given me many wicked, wanton ideas. I feel the need to browse the internet for some toys we can both use together. I want to share the fun with my man.