Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Dear Diary, British weather is both a joy and a pain depending on what I want to do at the time. For example, last week I hated the rain. I’d just walked out of the hair dressers with my hair primped and prettified for a girlfriend’s party that night when the heavens opened and even though I had my umbrella, the driving wind whipped enough rain into my hair to completely flatten it within minutes.

That day I hated rain.

Yesterday was different, it rained all day and I couldn’t care less. I had the day off and the Divine clan were out at school and work so I had the house to myself. I finished up the chores as quickly as I could then brewed myself some tea, grabbed the emergency chocolate bar from its hiding place in a jar of lentils (no one looks for it there) and snuggled up on the sofa with my new book.

I love to read. I’ll pick up anything that tickles my fancy, romance, chick-lit, crime and even the odd sci fi or fantasy novel. My favourite genre though has to be erotic romance. I love to sit down with a good steamy book and loose myself in its pages. I’ve been reading the genre long before 50 Shades made it trendy. I have my favourite authors and I love a meaty novel sometimes. However, my favourite quick fix is the erotic anthologies like the ones Xcite put together.

Yesterday I settled down with Tricks for Kicks which I’d picked up because it sounded a bit different. The tag line says it all – Sometimes the best sex comes with rewards…

Some people might think it sounds sleazy but I think it’s sexy to explore the world of fantasy. What kind of rewards could there be? I excitedly opened the book, ignored the pounding rain on the window pane and read.

I like the variety you get in the anthologies, they’re short stories so you get lots of different ones. Sometimes I skip the odd story because it’s not my thing, other times I wish I’d found out more about the characters but mostly I just enjoy the snap shot I see.

I don’t always masturbate when I read, sometimes I’m reading for a different kind of pleasure, but I am fairly stereotypical in that the written word turns me on more than pictures and video. I love to conjure up the action in my mind. And I am happy to say that Tricks for Kicks certainly did the trick for me. Sexy, sultry and hot, hot, hot. I loved all the stories, but the Perks of the Job by Kay Jaybee was probably my favourite. I’m not going to give away any plot lines, though. I hate spoilers, diary. The whole book was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I will certainly check it out again in future.

Oh, and they have these Secret Library books from the same publisher, Xcite, and the covers look so demure and classy. I’d be able to leave them out on the table and no one would know they were sexy books unless they read the contents. So now I want my next day off to be a rainy one too. I’m going to order myself another sexy book just in case.