An elegant encounter

An elegant encounter

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I awoke with one thing on my mind that morning: Sophia. I felt like a schoolgirl with her first crush; I wanted to know everything about her- she was so exotic. She was so well travelled, yet her mannerisms and the way she spoke didn’t intimidate me.

The wine-tasting portion of the weekend didn’t start until late afternoon, and I did more than a quick spruce! I wanted to impress. I couldn’t explain what had taken hold of me, but there was something that I couldn’t ignore.

Having packed my bags before Mr Divine was unable to accompany me, I had some risqué lingerie amongst my belongings. Feeling naughty, I decided to wear them under my summer dress.

I made my way to the restaurant feeling confident in my stockings, my freshly blow-dried hair flowing in the cool breeze, the material of my attire clinging to my body just where it should.

I arrived, disappointed that I couldn’t see Sophia as I approached the group, suddenly feeling a overdressed. I happily accepted a glass of full-bodied red and took a large sip.

“Leave some for me, darling.” A voice purred from behind me, instantly changing my mood.

I drank in Sophia’s appearance with equal appreciation to the wine: adorned in a figure hugging deep purple dress, without hesitation, she slipped her arm around my waist and kissed my cheek in greeting. I flushed, embarrassed that my complexion now matched my drink.

“I thought you’d run off!” I said.

“Not a chance, darling.” She smiled, and I remembered how soft her lips felt as they had grazed against mine, watched as they pressed against the rim of her glass. Her eyes held mine steadily, and I was curious to know what was playing through her mind.

The drinks flowed, and we were told prior to each sip what we would be tasting: one was fruity, one oaked, the next elegant, another mature. Although we were just sipping the wine, the alcohol combined with my own giddiness from being with Sophia got to my head.

“How would you describe yourself in wine terms?” I asked, leaning in a little too close. She didn’t distance herself, instead pulling her luscious lips together in thought.

“Fruity, mature and full bodied.” She finally said, and we both burst out laughing. “You’d be a racy, rich and spicy red I reckon.”

“And what makes you say that?” I said, feigning indignation.

“Don’t pretend that you’re not wearing stockings right now, Mrs.” Sophia said, looking at me through her thick eyelashes, making me blush.

“Have you ever been married?” I asked, thinking of my husband, how he’d feel seeing me flirt with this gorgeous creature.

“No, it’s not for me unfortunately.” Sophia said. “Friends tell me it’s because I can’t pick a side.”

“Marriage or the single life?” I ventured.

“No darling,” she almost laughed at my naivety. “I enjoy both male and female company.” She winked.

Sophia’s confidence, her actions, the way she was, it all finally clicked into place. She’d been flirting with me. That’s why I felt giddy; I was like a docile snake and she had been charming me, hypnotising me beneath her spell.

Once the tasting was over, she ordered a bottle of red, inviting me to share it with her; I couldn’t say no, wanting the evening to continue.

As we consumed more wine, our conversation became more intimate. I hoped that I didn’t come across as ignorant, but I wanted to know more about her.

“Personally, I can’t deny that the female form is… sensual. Yet there’s something exciting about a manly frame, broad shoulders…” Sophia smiled.

“I agree: my husband’s incredibly sexy!” I giggled.

“And what about women?” Sophia asked playfully.

“Well… I think that you should never say never.” I said firmly.

“What a glorious sentiment to live by.” Sophia said softly, with a smile to match.

More wine was poured, and I felt drawn to Sophia, as I had done the previous evening. It was if we were magnets, something uncontrollable pulling us together.

“It’s getting a little hot in here,” Sophia said. “Would you like to have a drink Al Fresco?”

I agreed, perhaps a little too quickly.

Easing ourselves into seats outside, I found that Sophia looked even more attractive in the moonlight.
As we leaned in closer to keep our conversation intimate, Sophia bit her lip as she stared at my mouth and ventured, “Your lips are so tantalising.”

“Are they?” I replied, half embarrassed, half intrigued as to what she might do to them.

“They’re just so… inviting.” She said softly, really looking at me, taking in my features. I swallowed, drinking in hers.

She delicately reached her hand towards me, slipping a stray hair behind my ear, tracing a soft finger down my cheek, then my neck. She leaned in closer, her lips grazing mine. I could almost taste her, almost feel them pressing against my own, feeling something stir within me…

I pulled back, suddenly thinking of my husband, of how I would explain all this to him.

“Sorry, I thought- ” Sophia began.

“No, no, it’s not you.” I looked at her in earnest. “This is all very new. I need to think of my husband.”

“I understand.” Sophia nodded, taking a card from her bag. “Here’s my number, if you ever change your mind.”

“I think I’d like that.” I nodded, taking her business card. As she got up to walk away, she kissed my cheek, her bottom lip catching the corner of mine flirtatiously yet purposefully.

I watched her walk away for a second time that weekend, I thinking of nothing but the softness of her lips, longing to taste them once more.

That night I dreamt of the softness of her skin, her body pressed against mine, and when I awoke I was sure that I could smell her fragrant hair on my pillow. It was then that I realised what it was I wanted.