Forbidden Fantasies

Forbidden Fantasies

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Nothing quite beats the feeling of coming home after a trip, no matter how good a time you had away. Everything is familiar and cosy; everything is just right.

I unpacked my bags, smiling to myself a little when I picked up my stockings, allowing myself to think of Sophia for the first time since I left the city. I could almost smell her perfume as I pictured her walking away, hair dancing in the breeze.

I checked myself, and despite being alone I found that I was blushing. I took my washing downstairs and loaded it in the machine, bending over to do so.

“What a lovely sight to welcome me home.” My husband joked as he came into the kitchen, dumping his briefcase and jacket on a chair. I smiled and gave him a wiggle, and he gave me a cheeky spank before we embraced. “I missed you.” He said quietly, cradling my head with one hand, the other caressing my lower back.

“Me too.” I replied with a big sigh as I breathed in his aftershave, cuddling into his broad chest.

“So how was it? Make any friends?” He asked when we finally peeled ourselves apart, loosening his tie.

“Yes, it was all very lovely. Everyone was very nice.” I said, focusing my attentions on the washing machine as I answered. Although nothing happened, I felt a bit funny: in my head these were two very separate worlds, and realising they were in fact in the same one was hard to process.

“I’m glad you had a nice time.” Mr Divine smiled, and when I turned to face him, his lips met mine and I melted into him, feeling the spark of my arousal awaken. A small groan emanated from my throat, and he kissed me harder, his hands framing my face, fingers running through my hair.

Our tongues danced together, and as they twirled more fervently, I could feel the wetness between my legs deepen as my desire continued to grow.

My husband began to kiss my neck, nibbling at it, my skin tingling with excitement with every nip. I arched my back, stifling my moans by biting my bottom lip as he fondled my breast through my vest, rolling his thumb over my pert nipple.

I was really wet now; the days I had spent away from him had built up a wall around my ache for him and now he was tearing it down.

Pulling up my skirt, Mr Divine’s eyes glittered, teeth grazing his bottom lip as his fingers touched the fabric of my knickers, realising the level of my arousal.

“I want to taste you.” He said softly, teasing a finger up and down the damp lacy fabric. I struggled to find the words, breathlessly nodding my reply.

With a libidinous smile, he lowered to his knees, pushing my skirt higher, kissing the saturated material so lightly I thought that I might burst from anticipation.

His lips were almost fluttering against my lingerie as he slowly teased his fingers into the waistband and started to coax them down, and just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, his hot, warm tongue enveloped my throbbing clitoris and I could no longer stifle my moans.

My hand came to my face as the other desperately grabbed for the counter behind me to steady myself; maintaining a slow pace, his tongue explored my heated, wet delicate skin, prolonging my pleasure.

Slipping two fingers into my wetness, I bit my finger to stifle a loud groan as he began to caress me with tantalisingly slow strokes. The fire in my core glowed brightly, and I shut my eyes and saw her in the restaurant leaning in to kiss me.


As my husband devoured me, I couldn’t shake the image of her from my mind, almost smelling her perfume once again. I imagined that she would take her time, too, savouring the taste of my wetness on her tongue.

My hand lowered from my face to my breast and I imagined how hers would feel against mine, imagined their softness, their fullness against me, how our bare skin would feel when it touched.

I was breathless now, panting as I was pushed closer to the edge of climaxing, caught between two worlds. I could feel Mr Divine’s firm hands firmly planted on my thighs, knew that it was his tongue bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy, and yet my mind was full of Sophia, of what could be.

Still in this oxymoronic realm of fantasy and reality, I cried out as I finally tipped over the edge and my whole body tingled as I found rapture.

Mr Divine slowly stood up and kissed me firmly on the mouth, bringing me back down to Earth.

“I want you.” I whispered urgently into his ear, and I found the sound of his trousers unzipping was strangely arousing, almost gratifying somehow.

He lifted me slightly, exerting his prowess, and as he slowly eased his stiffened prick into my hot wetness, I remembered how he felt inside of me, groaning with delight at the familiar and total fulfillment.

With every thrust I was pushed closer to the edge of exultation once again, and although my thoughts weren’t clouded by the fragrant apparitions of Sophia’s body against mine, I pictured her standing by the kitchen table, watching us, a seductive smile painted on her lips.

While my climax was drawn out by Mr Divine’s intimate kisses, I quickly found euphoria from his rock hard erection plunging deeper and deeper inside of me, and we came together like crashing waves on stormy seas.

Panting now, we stayed entwined until we caught our breath, and my mouth found my husband’s, appreciating the softness of his lips against mine.

“I should go away more often.” I said, and we both laughed as we adjusted our clothes, but with Sophia lingering at the back of my mind, I think I meant it.