Dinner For Two – Part 1

Dinner For Two – Part 1

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Have you ever woken up from a deep and blissful sleep, only to be immediately met with pure panic? The kind of panic that hits you before you even open your eyes. The kind of panic that both comes on in waves and hits you all at once. The pinning you to the bed, sick to your stomach, almost hysterical kind of panic.

I had always thought that if I were to ever wake up in Sophia’s arms then it would be lazily, nearing the afternoon and followed by soft and sleepy sex. Not the sitting bolt upright, throwing myself off the bed, scrambling for my phone reality of this morning. I have made some stupid mistakes before, but this time I had really outdone myself, and I have hurt the ones I love in the process. I just hope I haven’t ruined it all for good.

A few days after Sophia invited me to her place for a weekend stay, I broke the news to her that I wouldn’t be staying the night. I explained the situation, that Mr. Divine had made his boundaries clear and that I had to respect that. She was, as I had predicted, disappointed but understanding and even though I felt the sting of disappointment too, I felt a lot better knowing that we were all on the same page.

Mr. Divine had clearly been thinking about our situation a lot, explaining his excitement for me and then looking for reassurance. Of course, I was more than happy to give him all the extra comforts and reassurance that he needed, and as the weekend on, he began to relax a little; teasing me about what I would wear or what might happen. I could tell that there was a part of him that was hungry for it. Hungry just at the thought of me with another woman. Sometimes, when he would ask me what about Sophia was I so attracted to, or what I wanted to do to her, he would hold me close, and I could feel him grow hard and strain against his suit trousers. More than once he would end up pawing at my clothes, pulling my underwear aside and teasing my pussy as I described the way Sophia’s lips felt against my skin, him urging me on as I got closer and closer to climaxing. It all just made me more excited to see her again, and nervous too.

The night of my date, it was getting colder by the minute and the rain was lashing down outside. I sighed and stropped while throwing clothes in and out of my wardrobe. I wanted to look sexy, but I certainly didn’t want to look like I might freeze to death any second. I could hear my husband chuckle in the background, coming and going out of the bedroom, and hearing him explain to the kids that I was out for dinner with a friend. They would be ordering pizza, obviously.

I settled on a black knitted dress with a cowl neckline that hugged at my hips and pulled right at my waist. It was an hour-glass dream, and I thought that the Little Black Dress could extend to knitwear for the sake of my goose-pimpled skin. The dress hung at mid-thigh, and I put on a pair of knee-high suede black boots that made me feel unbelievably sexy. They had a small block heel, so they weren’t too much, and the way they fit snug just above my knee made my calves look wonderfully shapely.

Mr. Divine had booked me a taxi and I heard its impatient beeping while I descended the stairs. I rushed into the living room and gave the kids a kiss, their attention firmly on whatever Superhero movie they had started, discarded pizza boxes forming a greasy tower on the floor, one I would no doubt have to demolish when I returned home tonight.

My husband did a double take when he saw me and rose from the sofa to walk me to the door. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately, reaching down to cup my buttocks and giving it a hearty squeeze. I giggle against his lips and told him to enjoy his night with the kids, that I wouldn’t be home too late and that I loved him more than anything. He took my face in his hands and told me to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

I arrived at Sophia’s and took three slow and steady breaths outside the front door of her flat, already smelling her perfume and something else almost as delicious. She greeted me as she always does, as if I am some marvel that she cannot get over, holding me at arm’s length and taking me in. She looked incredible, of course. I’ve never known a woman to be so sophisticated and sexy. She wore a pair of wide-legged, high-waisted black trousers and cupped her round bottom perfectly. She had tucked in a men’s white shirt, rolled up the sleeves and left the top four buttons undone, her delicate negligée on show. I felt the stirring of desire quake through me.

She gave me a tour of her luxurious flat and finally took me through to the kitchen, where she had dished up enormous bowls of homemade pasta. We ate and laughed like two old friends. There were moments when panic cropped up in my mind and I wondered if we were too much like friends for anything more to happen. Still, those thoughts soon melted away whenever I caught her staring at my mouth as I ate, or how she would reach to stroke my arm or thigh when I said something that made her laugh. Everything felt easy, it felt natural and still so sexy.

When we finished dinner, I sent Mr. Divine a quick text to let him know how it was going and to check in on the kids, then we kicked off our heels and took our wine to her enormous soft. I sunk into the velvet cushions stretched my legs out, allowing myself to really relax and enjoy being in such an intimate position with Sophia. Sophia cosied up next to me and threw her legs over mine. Her trousers pulled tight against her thighs and I couldn’t help but run my hands over them, imagining her smooth skin underneath. My eyes scanned back up her body as she moved in closer, her hands tucking my hair behind my ears.

Neither of us said anything, but for a minute we stayed suspended in the moment, our breathing heavy, our noses almost touching. I don’t know who made the first move, but before I knew it her tongue was moving slowly against mine. Our lips parted against each other and what started slowly became almost frenzied. I felt a hunger like never before, a need to be as close to her as possible, to explore every inch of her body and taste it.

She pulled me on top of her and my legs straddled her lap. I gripped at her hair and moaned as she kissed my neck, before she pulled my dress over my head, throwing it to the floor with a giggle. I stretched my neck back and snuck my hands into her shirt, digging my nails into her shoulders as her mouth made its way to my breasts. She unfastened my bra and began sucking on my nipples, making my body twitch and my fingers became entangled in her hair; I couldn’t help but pull at it in pure pleasure. I bent down and kissed her mouth again, hearing her moan into my mouth as her hands moved to grip at my buttocks as I squirmed on her lap.

She began ripping at my tights like an animal, eventually throwing me off her lap and back onto the sofa. She ripped them off and began kissing my thighs, squeezing my flesh as she did so. I only had my thong on and could feel myself get wetter and wetter for her, desperate for her to take me in whatever way she wanted. Spreading my legs further apart, Sophia knelt on the floor and pulled me to the edge of the sofa. She threw my legs on top of her shoulders and, without hesitation, began rolling her tongue against my clitoris. I took a sharp inhale of breath as pleasure ripped through me, causing my back to arch as I contorted against the sofa.

Sophia knew exactly what she was doing, and I wriggled beneath her as she lapped at my pussy, her hands gripping at my thighs and hips. My throat began to hurt from moaning, but I simply couldn’t stop. I stretched my arms down to feel her hair as my pussy throbbed and dripped with pleasure. I was getting close to climaxing and began grinding against her tongue, gently thrusting my hips up and down until I could feel the orgasm build to tipping point. I managed to whimper out a “please” and felt her rhythm speed up.

An orgasm ripped through me and Sophia clung onto my thighs as my body shook beneath her. I could hear her moaning in symphony with my own screams as she kissed at the inside of my thighs, biting me gently. I had completely melted beneath her and twitched as the last few waves of ecstasy flowed over me.

Sophia stood up and looked down at me. It was only then did I realise I was completely naked and she was still fully clothed. I thought I would feel vulnerable as I looked up at her, my body wet with sweat and my own pleasure, but I felt beautiful. I felt needy, like I wanted to please her, just as she had done me.

“Come to bed with me” she said.

In that moment, I would have followed her anywhere…

Written By : Elly Jones