Three's A Crowd?

Three's A Crowd?

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You would think that having my husband open our family home to my female lover, one I have up until now been avoiding, would be reason to blush, or cringe even.

You would be absolutely right.

As Mr. Divine opened the door, I skipped down the stairs and felt the excitement rise in warm waves from my thighs and up to my chest.
I heard her before I saw her, her caramel smooth voice greeted my husband, purring out his name and declaring her own excitement for the evening. Mr. Divine was, of course, charm itself and I imagined his broad frame enveloping her, him kissing her on both cheeks and making all the necessary pleasantries; I couldn’t quite bring myself to watch.

I took a deep breath and glided round the corner, catching Mr. Divine hanging up Sophia’s deep purple coat and I immediately turned to jelly. I transformed into the epitome of awkward and clapped my hands together like a trained seal; “well, here we all are then”.

Sophia burst out laughing and I could see my husband smile with soft eyes, the kind of way he does when he is both proud and protective of me.

“No need to be so terrified, darling. I’m the one entering the lion’s den, after all”

Sophia held me at arm’s length, taking me all in, and declared me beautiful. My hands rested on her elbows as she complimented the green dress, my shoes, my hair and just about everything else. I felt positively saturated with adoration and for just a moment, I forgot where I was.

She leaned forward and very delicately kissed me on my glossed lips, only lightly, but she paused long enough to make my heart skip. My eyes fluttered open as she moved away, and I glanced behind her towards my husband, searching for his true reaction.

He looked hungry, but not for food, and something else too. Jealousy? It didn’t seem like it, but somewhere near it. He smiled, though. His real smile, and ushered Sophia into the kitchen.

I had made the table look as glamorous as I could, clearing the kid’s homework and swapping bowls of left-over cereal for our finest crockery and just about a million candles. It looked lovely, I have to say.

Mr. Divine stroked my arm and kissed me sweetly, encouraging both myself and Sophia to sit down and relax while he poured us a glass of red wine. Sophia sat down next to me, trailing her fingers along my shoulder and flicking her hair over one side of her face. She was radiant against the candlelight and smelled like sweet peonies.

I mentioned how lovely her perfume was and she stretched out her arm towards me, her wrist waiting under my nose. I took her hand and inhaled deeply, letting the smell of her give me a headrush. I lowered her hand and stared at her tanned skin, the veins that ran across her wrist looking like little rivers in the desert. She was intoxicating and I wanted to be drunk. I gently kissed her wrist and told her I had missed her just as Mr. Divine came back with our drinks.

We spent some time chatting over the wine and some nibbles that I had put out on the table. I had finally settled on a main course of Moroccan lamb and so I had spread out lots of delicious breads and oils, nuts and dates, and various dips; it was a complete feast.

My nerves had eventually calmed, and I felt a warm sense of relaxation wash over me. It was quite lovely, actually. The sight of my husband, the love of my life, and Sophia talking and laughing together.

I could hear them chatting away as I added the last few touchers to our main course. My mind wandered and I found myself thinking about what it would be like to kiss Sophia in front of Mr. Divine. A part of me wanted to, to feel her tongue slide over mine while he watched, to experience that kind of excitement, that thrill. Another part of me wanted to keep her all the myself.

I snapped out of my little inner fantasy and brought dinner through, setting the lamb down with a little “ta-da”.

They began devouring it and made all the right noises, I felt positively gleeful at their delight. I could feel myself cringe at just how much I loved it. Sophia reached over and ran her hand up and down my arm and proclaimed me a culinary genius. I instinctively bit my lip and blushed, feeling the heat rush to my cheeks, a stirring in-between my thighs.

The sound of my husband’s voice snapped me out of my little Sophia trance.

“So, Sophia. What exactly are your intentions with my wife?”

I held my breath; I don’t know why. His tone was playful, charming as always, and I trusted him completely. He genuinely wanted to know. Still, I was nervous. For her answer? For his? Maybe even for how I’d feel about both.

I kept my eyes on Mr. Divine, catching Sophia in my peripheral vision as she very carefully finished her mouthful and set her cutlery down. She brushed her hair off her shoulders and leant her elbows on the table, resting her delicate chin on her knuckles. I picked up my wine glass, taking nervous little sips, my eyes flitting between them.

“Well, Mr. Divine. I want to spend time with her. I want to celebrate her. I want to fuck her.”

I choked on my wine and spluttered out my shock at her honesty.

“Sophia! That’s not…I’m not sure that’s…you can’t just-”

Mr. Divine laughed softly and rose from his seat, topped up my wine and kissed me affectionately, tipping my chin up as he did so.

“My wife isn’t used to such blunt honesty, Sophia. I’m not either, if we’re being honest, but I like your candour.”

Both Sophia and I laughed, and it broke all that tension. Mr. Divine moved back to his seat and winked in my direction, settling all my nerves, telling me this was ok. I loved him completely.

“Jo is her own woman. She is beautiful, she’s smart and I trust her judgement over anyone else’s.”

My heart leaped in my chest, and I felt so proud to be Mrs. Divine. I watched Sophia’s face soften as she listened to him talk about me, nodding in agreement and smiling at me.

“She is absolutely all of those things and more” Mr. Divine continued. “She is still my wife, though. My wife and the mother of my children, and that will always come first. I hope I speak for both of us in that regard.”

I nodded in sincere agreement. Of course, they would always come first, no matter what. I want Sophia, I really do, but my family will always be my priority.
Mr. Divine went on; “That being said, I want Jo to have everything she needs to feel fulfilled. If Jo tells me that she wants to explore that side of herself, then that’s something I want too.”

Sophia nodded and smiled, leaned back in her chair and crossed one leg over the other.

“Well, it sounds like we might be starting something rather exciting, Mr. Divine.”

Right on cue, Mr. Divine’s phone rang from his pocket. He glanced at the screen, let out a big sigh and rolled his eyes. It was work, as always, he can never seem to have a whole night off without some kind of emergency that apparently only he can fix. I gave him an understanding nod, so he made his apologies and took the phone call upstairs.

Sophia and I stared at each other, and I felt that stirring again. I blushed and began gathering the dirty dishes, taking them through to the kitchen while chatting nonsense about the recipes I used. Sophia followed me, agreeing absent-mindedly, and glancing around the kitchen.

I put the dishes on the side and leant my hands on the kitchen counter. Sophia came up behind me, leaning her body into mine and brushing my hair away from my neck. Her hands moved down my body and rested upon my hips, holding them firmly. She pushed her hips against my buttocks and began kissing my neck softly.

I could hear the echo of my husband’s voice from upstairs. I knew things needed to cool down, that he and I needed to talk before anything else happens, but her lips and tongue on my skin just felt too good.

Little fires began to burn all over my body and my eyes rolled back as I let the feeling take over me. I reached my arm back and ran my hands through her hair as she moved from one shoulder to the other. Her hands roamed across my body, and I leaned harder against the kitchen counter, arching my back as she glided across my breasts, squeezing them with just the right amount of pressure.

I could feel myself getting wetter, the skimpy little thong I adorned brushing against my throbbing pussy as I squirmed against Sophia. This was bliss, she was bliss.

I snapped out of it at the sound of Mr. Divine descending the stairs, and Sophia detangled her limbs from mine and casually started stacking the dishwasher. I was still leant against the counter, somewhat dazed and dishevelled, when Mr. Divine walked in.

The rest of the evening was a blur. I was so wrapped up in how Sophia had made me feel that I suppose I went into autopilot. Before I knew it, Sophia was gone after some polite goodbyes and my Mr. Divine and I were settling into bed.

His lips found mine in the dark and he kissed me deeply.

“Is this something you want?” he asked.

“Yes. I think it is, actually.”

“Let’s take it really slow then. I want you to have everything you need and if that includes Sophia then I’m onboard. I just need it to be slow and on both of our terms. Does that sound ok to you?”

“Of course. Slow. That’s exactly what I need too” I think I was telling the truth.

“We’re still in this together, aren’t we?”

I kissed him repeatedly, reassuring him. Of course, we were in this together. He was still my number one priority. Our family always would be. We didn’t make love that night, but he held me as we slept, and it felt especially intimate. I appreciated him so much.

The next morning, I dragged my body out of bed and began getting ready to pick up the kids. My phone vibrated and I saw Sophia’s name pop up.

Sleepover at mine next weekend? Who needs a babysitter when you’ve already got a husband ;) – Sophia x

Butterflies sprung in my stomach at the thought of spending an entire night with Sophie, being so close with her and waking up to her face. I couldn’t help but feel thrilled she seemed to like me as much as I liked her. She didn’t just want coffee or a dinner, she wanted real time with me. Real intimacy. I bit my lip and squealed at my phone, throwing it on the bed before I bounced down the stairs to tell Mr. Divine.

My handsome man was leaning on the kitchen counter, the same spot where Sophia had me under her spell only hours before, and I wrapped my arms around his thick middle. I nuzzled my face into his back, inhaling in and enjoying his sleepy smell.

“Are you picking up the kids or should I?” he asked.

“I’ll go, I’ve got too much energy all of a sudden. You stay here and relax” I squeezed my arms around him again, smiling into his t-shirt. I couldn’t wait to get the kids back and spend the day together as a family. I was so lucky.

“You do seem particularly sprightly this morning, my love”

I told him about my message from Sophia, the words tumbling from my mouth, the excitement spilling out of me. I rambled on about what I might wear, how much I couldn’t wait, what fun he and the kids would have on their own, where we might stay, what I might bring; I couldn’t stop blabbering.

It was only as I ran out of breath that I realised his body had turned stiff, his back hard against my chest, his hands tense on the counter. I slid off him and turned him around. His brow was furrowed, his face serious. Not angry, but something else.

“That doesn’t sound very slow, Jo” he said, putting his hands on my shoulders.

I couldn’t stop my face from falling, I couldn’t catch the disappointment in time. I felt embarrassed at how annoyed I felt. I could have pouted, stomped my slippered foot.

“We both want to go slow. We decided”

I agreed with him. Yes, that is what we said, what we had decided. Still, I didn’t think this was particularly…quick. Just exciting. I sighed and he held my face in his hands.

“By all means, see her next weekend. Maybe dinner or something? I’m just not ready to lose you for whole weekends just yet”

I wrinkled my nose and smiled at him. He kissed me and I kissed him back, the guilt tickling at the back of my mind. I ran back upstairs to throw some clothes on and grab the kids from my parents. I picked my phone up and read Sophia’s message again.

I wouldn’t stay, not if Mr. Divine didn’t feel comfortable yet, but I didn’t want to disappoint Sophia or have her think I wasn’t interested.

Sounds good to me, can’t wait x

I would tell her I couldn’t stay, I’ll explain everything to her later this week. Or on the night. Either way, I was seeing Sophia again and that is what I really wanted. Fast or slow, she was what I wanted.