Ice Cream Dreams

Ice Cream Dreams

My favourite flavour of ice cream is mint choc-chip. I think it’s my favourite because no one else likes it so I only ever get it when I’m out somewhere and it’s always a treat. I’m not going to turn my nose up at a nice vanilla or a strawberry. I’m open to try new flavours too, although I might stop at tomato ice cream – that just sounds wrong.

Why am I talking about ice cream? Well it’s on my mind, that’s why. Last week we hit the hottest day of the summer so far – it was hot, baking hot, and I don’t do well in extreme heat. I’m not good in extreme cold either, I’m a temperate kinda gal. Typically British really, always complaining it’s too wet or too cold or as last week, too damn hot.

Night time is the worst. In the day time at least you can drink something cold or put on the car air conditioning to cool down. At night all there is to cool down two hot bodies in bed is one window left wide open and the barest hint of a cool breeze. It made me incredibly irritable. My darling husband is a good bed partner. He rarely snores, he’s not a duvet hog and he understands my need for space to sleep. It’s not his fault he’s so hot that he seems to radiate heat.

The other night he must have got sick of my tossing and turning and tutting. He got out of bed without saying a word and I thought he’d got mad at me. I wondered if he was going to go and sleep on the couch. I was just going to get up and follow him: as much as I enjoyed the monopoly on the cool breeze from the window, I didn’t want the kids to find Dad asleep on the sofa in the morning. They would assume we’d argued.

“Get up a minute,” he whispered when he came back in. I obeyed, not sure what was going on. I could just see his shadowy outline as he’d not put the light on. I felt him shake something and float it down onto the bed, then he pushed me down on it. It was a cool sheet and for the first few minutes it was bliss until my body heat warmed it up.

I was just going to tell him that when something wet and very, very cold slapped down on my stomach. I suppose I should mention I was sleeping in the nude, it was just too hot to be covered. I gasped and then another impact of cold just above my breast took my breath away. Mr Divine dropped a couple more scoops of ice cream on to my skin before he licked it off. I got really hot and bothered after that but I loved every minute of it. After a hard orgasm and a wipe down with a wet cloth so I wouldn’t stick to the bed clothes, I fell asleep despite the heat. Thank God for ice cream and its many uses.