New Explorations

New Explorations

I was naughty today. I’ve got so many boring things to do at work this week I had to find something to get me through it. There’s only so much paperwork shovelling you can do before you go completely insane.

While on the internet the other night between moaning with my bestie about how boring work was and looking up pictures from Pompeii to email to the youngest, I was browsing my favourite sex toy website. I needed something new, something daring, something exciting… and I found it, ordered it and waited impatiently for it to arrive.

I’m fairly adventurous, diary – we’ve got a fair few sex toys at home and a few tubes of lube (GiveLube’s water based stuff is fab!) but we’ve never ventured into one particular area because I’m a bit of a wimp really.

But boredom drove me to it. I ordered a Fun Factory Bootie butt plug in a pretty purple colour. I felt excited just ordering it. I didn’t want to spend too much as I really didn’t know if I’d like it or not so I looked for something under twenty quid that sounded good quality. I’m awkward aren’t I? But the Bootie seemed to tick off everything on my wish list.

When I received it, I had fun squeezing it and enjoying its giving, silicone texture. It’s hard enough that I know it’ll be stimulating but soft enough to not bring tears to my eyes just thinking about where it’ll go. It was a little challenging looking with its bulbous head but I was eager to give it a try.

It took a while with a bit of lube to get the pretty purple plug inserted but once I got over the initial ‘bloody hell that shouldn’t go there!’ reaction I found the Bootie slipped in easily and stayed seated giving me a wonderful feeling of being full.

It was very weird and a little uncomfortable but before I could decide I didn’t like it I realised how stimulating it was too. That surprised me, I really was convinced I’d not like anal play at all but Bootie changed my mind.

I planned just to play with it a bit before going into work but it felt so good inside me I decided to leave it in. I knew I’d be able to remove it if I had to by making an emergency dash for the loo and the idea of going out with it still inside me really turned me on. And I tell you what, work was so much more pleasurable with the pressure of Bootie up my bum!

When I got home I just had to bring myself off before I even thought of cooking dinner. It was an amazing orgasm, I’ve never felt anything so intense from solo play. I felt so full and totally turned on.
Next step is to show it to Mr Divine and see what he thinks of it. I’m sure he’s going to enjoy using it in me next time we get some alone time. I can’t wait. Maybe I need to think of an excuse to get the kids out of the house ASAP