I don’t like to be indebted to anyone, Diary, not even my husband – so after he so generously helped me out in the kitchen with the bake sale cakes I was looking out for opportunities to pay him back.

It wasn’t easy. September is always busy with getting back into the swing of the school timetable on top of my job, Mr Divine’s job and the upkeep of the house but I managed it. Usually, the kids leave the house after hubby but one day they left early, something to do with a science experiment needing to be checked on or something like that. I must say I didn’t enquire too deeply (how bad am I?) because I wanted them out of the house. I nodded as they babbled, checked they had their lunches, drinks and coats and saw them out of the door.

The minute they left, I raced upstairs and was thrilled to still hear the shower running. I burst into the bathroom much to the amusement of Mr Divine who was just finishing washing soap out of his hair.
“What are you doing in here?” He asked with a shake of his head.

“The kids have just gone to school early and I’ve got something for you.”

The shower in our bathroom is over the bath, so to save me clambering in with Mr Divine and getting my clothes wet I simply sat on the toilet beside it. I beckoned him closer and he turned to face me, shower still hammering in the background.

Now, I’m not a great fan of fellatio: some women love giving head but I’m not that enthusiastic about it, so I knew it was a real rare treat for Mr Divine. He was already hardening as I reached out and planted my hands on his hips.

I’m sure you don’t need a blow by blow (excuse the pun) of my actions, Diary, but I was very impressed with myself I must admit. I didn’t just suck him, I teased him with kisses and licks first until he was writhing and pushing his hips towards me, hard as rock and eager for my mouth.

I wrapped my hands around his buttocks and pulled him between my lips. I squeezed his arse as I sucked and although I wasn’t counting, I know I brought him to orgasm pretty darn quickly. I even drank down every drop. Okay, that wasn’t exactly meant to happen but you know, he tasted quite pleasant, salty and a little sweet and it drove him wild. I even licked my lips as he pulled away.

“So now we’re even.” I said, slapping his arse on my way out. “Debt paid.”

“I think I’m indebted to you now,” he called after me. “And I also think the traffic’s going to be bad to work today. Hop on the bed and take off your clothes. I’ve got just the thing to pay you back with.”

Mr Divine was late to work that day and so was I, but we both had huge smiles on our faces that couldn’t be shifted.