Jiggle Ball Fun

Jiggle Ball Fun

Sometimes, Diary, I get the urge to be a bit naughty. You know what it’s like, the daily grind can really get you down, especially when the days are shortening and the weather is getting colder. At first I revel in wrapping up in my fuzzy cardigans and favourite socks, but then I remember what it really means. I have to start wearing tights to work again (God, I hate tights!), scrape ice off my windows and get the damn car to start in the cold of the morning and I remember just why I hate the colder months so very much.

It also sees the end of revealed flesh and short skirts. I love the light flirtation of summer, capturing Mr Divine’s gaze with a bare leg or a low cut top. It doesn’t happen so much when it gets colder. I always have tights or trousers on and a scarf around my neck. So when I realised I was starting to feel a bit low, I did what I always do. I went to look at my favourite sex toy site to see what they had to perk me up.

I found myself fascinated with something that, on the face of it, sounds totally not sexy. Kegel exercisers. I am not as young as I once was, Diary, so I confess I was at first attracted to the idea of tightening up my PC muscles. I browsed through the types they had and was struck by a set of black balls which could be used singularly or fixed together to extend the challenge. The LELO Luna Noir looked sleek, sexy and comfy, so I bought them. After all, it’s a health and fitness product and not just something to keep me happy. I couldn’t resist.

When I first got them, I tried just the one ball and found it a very strange feeling at first, but as I moved around with it inside me I found the sensation all the more pleasurable. I would only use the LELO Luna Noir for short periods of time when I was home alone initially, but as I got more confident and less worried that the thing would fall out, I got more adventurous, moving from one ball to using the both in their silicone harness.

The biggest adventure came when I decided to wear them out to the shops. Now, it’s not as glam as it sounds: I was wearing them in the house when I realised I didn’t have any milk left so I needed to nip to the shop, but instead of taking out the exercisers, I decided to leave them in. Wow, what a sensation. It was so wickedly good walking down the street with the moving weight of the balls inside me and when I had to talk to the shop keeper I swear my cheeks glowed bright red with heat. But of course, he couldn’t possibly have known my secret.

When I got home, I promptly forgot to make a cup of tea and set about a different kind of sexy stress relief instead. The next step is to wear them when Mr Divine’s around. I wonder what he’ll make of it?