Jo's Bathtime Sex

Jo's Bathtime Sex

I do love a nice bath, Diary.

There is nothing better than climbing in the tub at the end of a long day, laying back in some sweet smelling bubbles and just letting the water soothe away the stresses and the strains.

It’s not really about getting clean in a physical way, it’s more about scrubbing away the mental dirt that I’ve picked up at work and shaking the irritations of life out of my hair.

Last night, when I got home, I was in a really rotten mood. I’d had loads on my plate at work with one colleague on holiday and another off sick so it fell to me to pick up the slack. I stayed late and because of that, I ended up caught in the most horrendous traffic jam that turned a quick ten minute drive home into an hour and a half stop-start crawl.

Mr Divine greeted me when I eventually arrived home with his usual smile and greeting, which I replied with a grumbled response in return.

He had a lovely evening planned, having fed the kids and sent them out to the cinema, and my bad mood completely spoilt it. He’d cooked for us and I tried really hard to relax and enjoy the delicious steak but I just kept finding myself going back to the problems that had pulled me down in work all day and rabbiting on about them to my poor husband.

Luckily, one of Mr Divine’s great talents is to make the most out of a bad situation.

“I’ll go and run you a bath, dear.” He said. “You need to relax.”

He was right of course and I followed him upstairs. As he lit the scented candles and filled the bath with warm water and bubbles I stripped out of my work clothes. When the water stopped running he called me through. He gave me a quick kiss and left me to settle into the soothing bath. I closed my eyes and was just drifting away when the bathroom door re-opened.

Mr Divine walked in and I shot him a disgruntled look. Surely he wasn’t going to try to use the loo while I was trying to relax. I was about to snap at him when I noticed what he had in his hands. My lovely Lelo Soraya.

“I know you said it was waterproof, I thought maybe you could try it out.”

My husband is such a clever man. He knew exactly what I needed, a long soak and an orgasm or two.

I’m glad to report the Soraya worked very well in my bath. What also worked for me was Mr Divine kneeling by the side of the bath, watching my every move. That was seriously hot.

After I finished in my bath, we disappeared into the bedroom and I got to play with the best sex toy of all…my loving husband.

Diary, I’m a very, very, lucky lady. Mr Divine turned my bad mood round with a bath, a rabbit and his own sexy self.