Cooling Off

Cooling Off

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I do struggle to sleep in the heat. It’s been muggy recently, the air so thick it seems to cling to you! I get too sticky beneath the sheets, so the only plus of these sleepless nights is getting to see Mr Divine in all his glory; instead of pyjamas we sleep nude, the air heavy against our bare skin.

Last night was particularly bad; I was tossing and turning, making myself even hotter and getting in a tizz.

“What’s the matter?” Mr Divine mumbled from the pillows.

“I can’t sleep! This is unbearable, I’m too hot!” I moaned.

Mr Divine rolled over and sleepily watched me for a moment. A clever little smile tugged at his lips and he jumped from the bed. “I’ve got just the thing.”

I had to smirk as he scuttled off with his bare bum in the moonlight, but was curious when I heard some clattering in the kitchen. He returned with a glass bowl filled with iced water, which he settled on the bed.

“I’m going to help you cool off.” He said evenly. With a coy smile I propped myself up, expecting a massage or something as he sat beside me, kissing me on the neck.

Chills ran through me, my skin tightening, and I realised he had taken an ice cube and put it in his mouth! The cool kiss began to melt against my heated skin as his mouth travelled lower and lower until his icy lips were on my breast. I was tingling with pleasure, a warmth growing between my legs despite his cold kisses.

As he swirled his tongue around my increasingly sensitive nipple, he massaged the other between his fingers, zealously squeezing my breast.

I was writhing to his touch. The cold water on my skin was a stark contrast to the warmth of my own wetness and I felt hungry for him. Slipping my hand into the iced bowl of water, I slid my fingers down his front, my cool touch against the heat emanating from his body taking his breath away.

I took his manhood in my hand as eagerly as he had massaged my breast and as it hardened beneath my firm grip my clitoris began to throb to the sound of his groans. Making Mr Divine melt between my fingers is such a turn on!

We were both hungry now, greedily grappling at each other’s flesh, which was now slick with sweat and water. Our hot mouths clashed and our tongues explored each other as if they’d never met before.

I nearly exploded when Mr Divine’s fingers left my breast and found themselves between my legs, masterfully massaging my clitoris! My limbs stiffened, my back arching to his fervent fingers. I wanted to feel his hardness in my hand again, but I was so close to climaxing that I couldn’t control myself as I gripped at the covers.

I moaned and pushed his hand away from my sensitive clitoris, leaning over him and taking his engorged penis in my mouth. How he groaned! But Mr Divine isn’t a selfish man, oh no; I was on my knees, bottom in the air as I greedily sucked his manhood, and his fingers gently found their way deep inside my hot, wet vagina and his thumb to my throbbing clitoris.

My toes curled as I twirled my tongue around the tip of his penis and I firmly massaged his shaft in my hand. I was so wet from Mr Divine’s touch that I could no longer tell what was water and what was me.

Feeling the heat of yet another orgasm ignite within me, I wanted Mr Divine to feel as good as he was making me. Crawling away from his nimble fingers, I took him from my lips but continued to manipulate his manhood with my hand until I guided him inside me. Simultaneously sighing with pleasure, I began to ride him, rocking back and forth and he grabbed at my breasts as they swung in front of his feverish face.

Every time I lowered myself onto him, taking him as deeply as I could, I could feel my impending orgasm swelling within me. I can be greedy- I wanted to relish in this climax. I wanted to make it last, to tease it out of me, so I drew myself up and down Mr Divine’s shaft, clenching my muscles tightly as I rode him.

He breathed sharply beneath me, watching my movements closely, evidently hungry for more. “Roll over,” he panted. I was more than willing to comply, ready to submit to his desires.

Somehow, Mr Divine always feels bigger when I’m on my back! The tip of his penis pounded my cervix with his fervent thrusts, my legs against his torso, bent over his shoulders. He lifted his hips to gain more control, thrusting deeper and deeper into my core.

I grabbed a pillow and bit into it to contain the noise that would have accompanied my climax- my whole body shuddered with ecstasy, feet rubbing together behind Mr Divine’s neck. I felt him cum, too, with his final thrusts deep within me.

We stayed entangled for a few minutes, panting away like animals, relishing in our shared orgasmic delight. I found myself moaning with pleasure as he withdrew himself from me and I relished in the final moments of having him inside me, the heat between my legs overtaking the heat from the room that I had only just remembered.

“I thought you were going to cool me off?” I puffed jokingly, running a hand through my sodden hair. Mr Divine splashed a little icy water on my tummy as he panted away, breathless. I laughed as we lay side by side; sometimes getting hot and heavy is the best way to get a good night’s sleep.

Written By : Megan Barnett