My Easter Indulgences

My Easter Indulgences

Easter is nearly here and for me and my family it is a fun, busy time.

It’s one of those points in the year earmarked for family visits, catching up on news and eating lots of food together. And, of course, leaving deposits of chocolate eggs in our wake and collecting more in return.

It’s always fun to catch up with your loved ones but I’m equally as happy to find myself alone at home. I’m not unsociable, diary, and I do love my family but, sometimes you just need time to yourself, especially when you’ve been really busy.

Easter sees the kids off school for a couple of weeks so the usual schedule goes out of the window and the “me time” I depend on becomes more hit and miss. I pray for the days when both kids are out of the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids diary, I really do and we tend to have a few days for family fun which are great. But they’re growing up, getting more and more independent and, even when they’re in, we tend to exist in our own little separate circles anyway.

So when I got a precious few hours to myself the other day, I made the most of it. I made myself a hot cup of tea, grabbed an Easter egg from the kitchen and sat down in my favourite chair with a good book. A good sexy read!

It wasn’t long after I finished my tea and a particularly steamy chapter that I decided I needed a treat of a more adult kind.

I was just going to take myself upstairs when the chocolate egg I’d picked up piqued my attention and something wicked flicked through my mind. I grabbed it and took it upstairs with me. Locking the bedroom door, just in case a child decided to return home unexpectedly, I opened the wardrobe where I keep my selection of toys, locked away in a box, which I have to say, is quite heavy and close to full. I’ll have to invest in a bigger box soon!

Taking the box out, I unlocked it and had a browsed through all my lovely sex toys.

Feeling impatient, I grabbed the first one that came to hand, my old faithful Lelo Lily. She sits very neatly in the palm of my hand and is always guaranteed to do the job.

I made myself comfortable on the bed, Lily in one hand, chocolate in the other. And as I ate sweet mouthfuls of sensual, melting chocolate I let my Lelo Lily do what she is best at.

I played with the settings, cycling through the different patterns of vibration that excited me to the edge of climax. When it all became too much and I’d had my fill of chocolate, I changed with a quick click to the highest buzz my little clitoral stimulator could produce and found the pleasure I was looking for.

So I have found something that makes sex even better. Eating chocolate at the same time, a girl couldn’t ask for more!

Next time I’ll have to share the experience with Mr Divine, although he’ll have to bring his own chocolate, I’m not sharing mine!

Happy Easter