Spring Rabbits

Spring Rabbits

Thank goodness spring is here, Diary.

Winter is far too long in my opinion and should really not be allowed to stretch past Christmas. A bit of snow for Christmas and that should be that. None of this dragging out for another two months malarkey.

But the snowdrops have pushed up, crocuses and daffodils are on their way and finally there’s a hint of heat coming from the direction of the sun.

I can start to wear skirts again. I don’t bother in the winter—unless it’s a special occasion—because I hate wearing tights. Tights were made by the devil to convince women they’re completely the wrong shape.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of tights that fitted as they should, either they wrinkle up round my ankles or don’t stretch high enough to cover my butt.

But when it gets warmer I can wear skirts and nothing underneath, nothing at all, if I feel so inclined. It’s freeing. Even if it does mean I have to actually shave my legs again, it’s worth it for the extra freedom.

Seeing the world waking up after its winters sleep again, hearing the birds sing and seeing animals wooing and courting each other, Spring is the season for love.

Needing to blow away the cobwebs the other day, we went for a walk out in the local countryside. I was walking along and chatting with Mr Divine when we saw a rabbit dashing across a field next to us.

“He’s off home to the missus,” Hubby quickly quipped, “That’s why he’s running so fast.”

“Lucky missus, she’s got a rabbit.” I replied and we both laughed but it got me thinking.

I wanted my own rabbit. Not the fuzzy kind, no, the buzzy-wuzzy kind! It seemed the perfect way to perk me up and refresh me after a winter of hibernating.

On returning home I logged onto my favourite website and had a good look into different kinds of rabbits, comparing power, settings and even the length of the ears. I didn’t want to make a purchase and find that it didn’t measure up and hit the right spot, you know!

As I spent some time reading about the various rabbits, there was one that really stood out, the Lelo Soraya. Having clicked to make my purchase, I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered.

On opening my parcel, I discovered a very elegant and sleek looking rabbit nestled in the dark lining of the box. I love the deep rose colour I’d picked, very pretty and classy indeed. I couldn’t wait to play.

Once it charged up I gave it a go and wow, was I impressed. It hit all my right spots and left me with a huge smile on my face.

Of course, Mr Divine wanted to know why I was all smiles so I told him about my lovely rabbit and he can’t wait to see me using it.

Being waterproof, he and I are going to take a long, soapy bath together to see how it perform under water. I’m not sure if rabbits can swim but this one can, which makes me feel so happy!

Ah, spring has sprung, all the bunnies are running around the fields, finding a mate and going like “rabbits” and so am I, thanks to my own Lelo Soraya rabbit and a little help from my mate, Mr Divine!