Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice?

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I love this time of year; the dark evenings, the candles and of course, the celebrations. What I most look forward to is Mr Divine’s Office Christmas Party- their boss always hires out a gorgeous venue and we get to spruce ourselves up.

This year was no exception: the hall of a Four Star hotel on the outskirts of town had been booked up with the option of paying for a room for the night, which we snapped up so we could have somewhere close to crash when we were all danced out.

We arrived in the late afternoon, unpacked and got ready, Mr Divine looking rather swish in his freshly pressed suit. I chose an understated Little Black Dress that came to my knees and put on a little more make-up than usual.

“You look utterly ravishing!” Mr Divine smiled as I twirled around, showing myself off before we headed downstairs.

Arm in arm, we followed the gentle hum coming from the party, and when we arrived we were greeted with good company, food, and music.

After about an hour or so of mingling, drinking and dancing, Mr Divine’s hands found themselves slipping from my waist to the curve of my buttocks, and even when we weren’t on the dance floor our bodies remained close, as if there was something of a magnetic energy between us.

We were waiting at the drinks table for some refreshments when I felt Mr Divine’s hand at my neck, gently teasing my hair over my shoulder, purposefully grazing his fingers on my bare skin and leaning into me.

“I think it’s time we found out if you’re going to be on the Naughty or Nice list.” He whispered, his warm breath sending electricity through me, igniting something deep within me.

“Someone would notice if we sneak up to the room.” I said softly.

“Then perhaps we should find somewhere a little closer…” Mr Divine kissed my exposed flesh and I simply tingled with excitement: my husband knows me so well!

Hand in hand, we slunk out of the door and after a few paces broke into quicker steps, giggling like schoolchildren as we looked for a suitable setting for our furtive festivities.

“In here!” I whispered, spying an unlit room with the “Private” door slightly ajar halfway down the corridor. We slipped inside the supply cupboard and didn’t even wait for the door to close fully before our mouths passionately clashed, our hands snaking across each other’s bodies, grappling hungrily at each other.

We prised ourselves apart only to take in our setting properly for the first time; we were surrounded by shelves of towels and linen, and to our luck, some washing machines and dryers.

I squealed with delight as Mr Divine hoisted me onto the dryer, pushing back the hem of dress as he did so to expose my bare thighs as he covered my neck in kisses. My fingers were at his waist, feverishly unbuckling his belt and unfastening his trousers. I teased his boxers down, his engorged manhood springing forth, hitting my thigh. His hardness against my soft flesh made me wet with anticipation for what was to come!

Our lips crashed with heated passion, tongues exploring each other as Mr Divine’s fingers found themselves deep within my wetness, his thumb circling my clitoris. My back arched and my toes curled in ecstasy to his touch, the swiftness of our encounter and the fact that we could be so easily caught up to no good adding to the excitement.

Easing my knickers down my legs, I edged forward slightly so I could feel my husband’s hardened prick against my wet, delicate skin. He teased the tip of his member around my blossoming bud, the fire within my core growing stronger and stronger.

“I have to have you!” I begged, my eagerness for him now overwhelming- I felt that I would burst at any given moment!

Our lips met once again, only softer this time, as he eased himself inside of me; we moaned in unison as he filled me completely, and the flames that I felt deep within me seemed to lick at my core as they grew bigger, wilder, more fervent.

Mr Divine began to slowly roll his hips, and after a beat or two I found our shared rhythm, and we rocked back and forth together in a perfect union.

Although I was aware of my orgasm building from deep within me, I suddenly found myself at the brink of rapture and I had to bite down on my husband’s shoulder to stop myself from screaming out in sheer bliss!

Mr Divine groaned with pleasure as my vagina convulsed around him tightly as I came, and his thrusts became increasingly fervent, and the fire within me burned evermore brightly. I pulled him tightly towards me, willing him to go deeper, to be as close to me as he possibly could.

My thighs clenched tightly as I felt close to a second, much bigger orgasm, and Mr Divine must have sensed it too as his thrusts gained momentum. I came again, only this orgasm was so strong that it took my breath away. I felt dizzy with ecstasy as I ran my fingers through my hair and leant my head back against the wall.

My arched back seemed to send Mr Divine into a trance; he pulled himself close to me, his head burrowed between my breasts, and he thrust away, holding me as if he never wanted to let me go! Finally, we climaxed together in a crescendo of pure bliss.

After composing ourselves, we headed back to the party hand in hand, only we walked slowly this time. Festivities were in full swing when we returned, and we joined the celebrations.

However, I think my favourite part of the night was when Mr Divine discovered my knickers into his pocket- needless to say, it didn’t take long to find our hotel room after that!

Written By : Megan Barnett