Taking Control

Taking Control

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I love it when Mr Divine takes control. He is firm with me in a way that makes me feel sexy, because he is still as hungry for my body as he was when we first met. I love it when I strip off and his eyes widen with ecstasy at the sight of my bare flesh- it’s a turn on knowing that I’m still arousing I suppose. But sometimes I take that sexy feeling and channel it into a performance!

Last night we had the house to ourselves, and I had everything planned out for Mr Divine when he got home. I was getting wet just thinking about it, the anticipation building deep from within. My heart began to race when I heard his key in the front door, and it took all I could to stop myself from running downstairs and taking him, there and then on the doorstep!

But I was patient.

He called out my name, but I didn’t reply. I finally heard his footsteps on the stairs and I began to fidget with excitement. It was nearly time for the fun to begin.

“Jo?” He said, opening the bedroom door. The look on his face said it all.

I had treated myself in the week to some new lingerie- black, lace and crotchless knickers and a plunging bra with hold up stockings to finish. I felt like a goddess in them.

“Take a seat.” I smiled, standing from the chair so that Mr Divine could sit.

“What’s all this?” he gasped as I began to loosen his tie.

“Tonight is all about you.” I whispered, kissing his cheek. I walked around the back of the chair and bound his wrists together with his necktie. “Tell me if it hurts.”

“It feels good.” He nodded. I walked around to his front and knelt before him, unzipping his trousers and pulling down his boxers to unleash his hardening prick, kissing the tip softly.

“Hmm…” I paused for a moment, looking up at Mr Divine. “No peeking.” I said, biting my lip and grabbing hold of another new treat, a leather blindfold that I had placed under the chair.

“But I want to watch!” Mr Divine professed, but tonight I was in charge. I slipped the thick blindfold over his eyes and kissed him hard on the mouth.

I fell to my knees and firmly grappled his sturdy thighs before taking him in my mouth. His breathing started to get heavier as I worked my tongue up and down his shaft, my hand firmly at the base of his penis as I worked my thumb on his sensitive skin. He began to wiggle beneath me, clearly wanting to hold onto me but I’d made sure that I was completely in control.

I was really wet now, his cock hard in my mouth and groans of pleasure emanating from his throat.

Kissing the tip of his penis, I grabbed some lubricant that I had conveniently left in arms’ reach. I lavished the oil based lube over his engorged manhood, relishing in how his cock gleamed, slick with my saliva and the lubricant. I only rubbed a small amount on myself, playing with my clitoris as I did so to make sure that I was completely ready for his enlarged member. I straddled him, carefully lowering myself on to him until I could feel him deep within me.

I rocked back and forth, kissing his neck as he groaned with pleasure. I moved my hips up and down, making a figure eight to ensure that this would be one of the best rides of our lives.

Part of me missed his hands on me- if they were free I know exactly how he’d be touching me, firmly clutching at my breasts, my waist and my buttocks however he wanted. But I loved being in complete control over him. He was my play thing- while that night was mainly about him I wanted to get off too!

I wiggled my hips, raising myself up his shaft and swung a leg around his so that I was standing, taking him once again between my lips. My toes curled with pleasure at the noise he made! I loved that he was speechless, that I was able to make him feel the way I do: mutual satisfaction is key!

I sucked on him hungrily, letting my tongue explore the entirety of his manhood. I looked up and Mr Divine was biting hard on his lip as his thighs tensed and his head lolled back. I think he was about to cum, but I wasn’t ready for this night to end.

I silently released him from my lips, crawling back from him slightly so he couldn’t sense where I was.

“Jo? Jo, I… I need you.” He rasped. I love it when he says that.

“Patience, my love.” I said, turning around and straddling him once again but with my back to him. Running my hands through my hair, I slowly rubbed my clitoris on the tip of his penis before drawing myself up and down his heated shaft.

“Please…” He begged, eager to be inside me. I eased myself onto him, slightly faster than before, and rode him quickly. How I relished in that feeling! As I pulled myself up and down his manhood I ran my fingers through my hair with one hand and cupped at my jiggling breast with the other, imagining that it was Mr Divine’s hand at my chest, travelling down my stomach to my throbbing clitoris.

My climax came seemingly from nowhere and took my breath away. I stopped riding my husband for a moment from the shock, but Mr Divine made noises that mirrored mine. I do love it when we cum together!

I had a moment to catch my breath before I got up and untied Mr Divine. Almost ripping the blindfold from his face, he pulled me close, firmly kissing me.

“I wish you’d let me watch,” He whispered, softly. “That felt amazing!”

“Don’t worry,” I smirked, walking over to the camera I’d conveniently placed on my dressing table a few feet beside us to turn it off record. “I’ve got it all on film.”