Sensual Songs

Sensual Songs

Music moves you. It’s a fact. Everybody has a song that makes them happy or reminds them of particular people or certain memories. Like the song that everyone loved on your last beach holiday, or the one your mum would sing when she dusted round the house. Can you remember the first single you ever bought? What about the one that calmed the baby bouncing in utero on your bladder? All those tunes hold special meanings. We all have trigger songs.

I’m not any different. Mr Divine danced with me for the first time to The Power of Love at a Christmas disco and now that song always makes me feel all gooey inside. I smile and remember and thank God I’ve got such an amazing man in my life.

There are songs that remind me of my kids and their childhood, like those they practised for nights on end for the school plays. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree… I can still sing that whole damn song! Or the ones they played on loop when they first fell in love and to accompany their first heartbreak.
It always amazes me how I can hear something on the radio that I haven’t heard in years and yet I still remember the lyrics. How does that work? How come I have enough room in my brain to remember that but I always forget where I left my car keys?

Music is emotive and arousing and there are certain songs that are well known for their sexiness. I mean, who hasn’t heard Roberta Flack’s Feel Like Making Love without wanting to get sexy? And Mr Divine loves that Rod Stewart song, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? The way he sings it just makes me dissolve into giggle fits: but that’s kinda sexy in its own way.

I heard a song today which always makes me want to grab my husband and do rude things to him. It goes straight to my loins (well, that’s what the romance books call them, Diary) and bypasses everything else like good taste and decency. I swear that I hate this woman’s music usually. I was tortured with it when my daughter went through a phase of loving it in her teeny-bop years. I can’t stand any of those poppy tunes but when I hear Britney Spears’ Toxic, my brain is bypassed and my sex goes into overdrive.

There, I did it, I confessed. It’s a dirty little secret, Diary, and I really do wonder if everyone has a secret sexy song that gets their motor running. Maybe there’s someone out there who gets excited by that Right Said Fred song, I’m Too Sexy. Who knows… I just hope there’s someone out there who has a more embarrassing secret sexy song than me.

Now diary, I need to take a trip to the bedroom to fiddle in my top drawer to find something to satisfy this desire as Mr Divine is at work, damn it. I’ll have to make sweet, sexy music with myself!