A Review of the LELO Lily

A Review of the LELO Lily

I love Lily. No, that’s not the name of my daughter, my manicurist or the lady who makes great coffee at the café down the street – Lily is my latest favourite toy.

Sex toys have a bad name don’t they? They’re often too big, too garish and too manly. I’ve seen some things surfing the net that would make you cross your legs and take a vow of chastity. I have a perfectly functioning man with all the working bits and I like his bits. I don’t need a replacement one in case his falls off or a bigger one because I’m not satisfied. No, I want something to enjoy when I want to indulge myself and also something to share with Mr Divine.

Lily fits the bill perfectly. She’s a beautiful pale shade of pink but I hear you can get a nice purple colour and a classy black finish too. She sits in the palm of my hand perfectly and she’s not at all scary. When I first unwrapped it, the outer box was understated and inside the LELO packaging was a black box that reminded me of those you get that contain fine jewellery. Everything needed was there, including a charger. I like it: much more environmentally friendly than batteries and so easy to plug in and leave to charge.

My pink Lily feels soft and smooth in my hand and the buttons are easy to manipulate. The device is the perfect shape to cup in my hand to press against my curves. It’s really easy to operate too. You just press one button to rev it up and one to slow it down. It’s great fun playing with the settings, but be aware that the top setting is enough to make my teeth rattle!

If you hold the button down when you hit the peak you unlock a whole new realm of delights, with pulses that vary in speed, intensity and length. The pulses are a lot of fun to play with on your own but are also great with a partner. The Lily can slip between you and your man; I suppose your lady too, actually, and stimulate the both of you. That is the real beauty of Lily. She’s happy to share and easy on the eye. Mr Divine was excited to play with it and use it in bed with me because it’s so small, tactile and kind of techy too.

She’s much quieter than me too, diary. I make a lot of noise when I use her but she barely raises a buzz. Now that conjures up all kinds of naughty ideas for sexy fun in places other than my own home. You can lock the Lily too so it won’t accidentally set off in your bag. How mortifying would that be? It’s good to know I can take Lily on holiday with me and she’s not going to embarrass me by vibrating loudly in the bottom of my luggage! You get a lovely satin pouch when you buy Lily too, so you can package her up discreetly and take her wherever you want to go.

Easy to care for, Lily just needs a little wash or wipe when you’re finished with her – but be careful not to submerge Lily in water though, as the hole for the charger needs to be kept dry.

I can’t sing Lily’s praises enough. She satisfies my desires. I get my orgasms through clitoral stimulation most of the time and so do many women: this toy is made with women in mind. It caters to all my wants and desires. I feel like a sex siren when I get my LELO Lily out of her box and fire her up for a bit of play time.

In fact, diary, I think she’s finished charging now. I’m going to sign off and take her to the bedroom with me. I’ve got a craving for some Lily loving.

Written By : Staff