Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

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I’ve never been a particularly controlling woman, outside the bedroom I mean, at least I don’t think I am! I don’t expect Mr Divine to tell me every single detail about his day, what was said when he’s been out with friends, and he’s exactly the same with me.

Recently, though, I found my husband’s behaviour to be rather suspicious. When I took some laundry out to the back-room, Mr Divine nearly jumped out of his skin and slammed his laptop lid shut.

“What on earth are you doing?” I asked, bemused.

“Nothing!” He hurriedly replied, then flushed slightly. “Just finishing some bits from work.” He said, taking his laptop and scurrying away with it. Then, every day, constant window-watching, jumping every time the letterbox made a sound; he really wasn’t acting himself.

Today when I came home from the shops my suspicions were confirmed. I thought I was home alone, until I heard noises coming from our bedroom. Intrigued, I went upstairs, and knocked on our door.

“Is that you, darling?” I asked.

“Wait, wait!” My husband said, shuffling something about. “Ok, now you can come in.”

“Whatever is it that’s gotten into you?” I frowned; Mr Divine, however, looked rather pleased with himself, sitting at my dressing table with his phone in his hand.

“I thought you deserved a little treat.” He smiled, nodding towards the bed. I followed his gaze and smiled. An intriguing looking object lay on the pillow, and I went over to investigate.

“It’s called a Nova Mr Divine smiled as I felt the soft silicone beneath my fingers; I’d never seen a rabbit vibrator like it, so curved, so sleek, so sensual. I smoothed my thumb over the tounge-like arm and was amazed that it stayed with me as I toyed with it.

“Wow,” I breathed, biting my lip. I began tingling with anticipation as I imagined how it would feel against my delicate skin. “Is it ready to use?”

“Yes, with one condition.”

“Which is?”

“You get to play first, and then it’s my turn.” Mr Divine smiled wickedly, wiggling his phone. I was ensnared with intrigue as excitement took hold. I licked and bit my bottom lip; I know he saw the flame of desire flash in my eyes.

As he had been so courteous in buying me a surprise, it was only fair that my husband got a little reward for his efforts. I slipped out of my clothes slowly, climbing on the bed with feline grace, feeling his eyes tracing the curves of my bare flesh, at my breasts as they tumbled from my bra. Teasingly, and despite the anticipation of what was to come dampening my knickers, I left them on for now.

Settling on the pillows, maintaining eye contact with my husband as I did so, I nestled the curved tip of the shaft against my clitoris, toes curling as I turned it on.

My back arched as the powerful vibrations surged through my ever-blossoming bud, and I could feel the heat emanating from my wetness as I began to throb. I slid the delicate lace down with the toy, teasing the glorious bulb on the shaft into me.

The flexible arm met with my swollen clitoris and I writhed with pleasure, struggling to catch my breath as I grew dizzy with arousal. I bit and sucked on my bottom lip as the vibrator rumbled within and against me, and it was only when my eyes fluttered open momentarily that I remembered I had an audience.

I flicked through the settings, finding a deliciously teasing pulse that flowed from my G-Spot to my clitoris in waves of delight, and I thrust the vibrator with gentle motions as I squirmed in delectation.

Pushing the toy deeper, its rumbling vibrations sent me closer and closer to the edge of sheer ecstasy. There was no slow release into ravishment; the combined attention commanded over my sweet spots took my breath away as I climaxed hard, the heat emanating from between my legs the only evidence of the fire that had burned so brightly from my core.

Panting, I switched off my new toy and smiled at my husband. “Thank you,” I managed, my hand at my chest as I regained composure.

“Now it’s my turn.” Mr Divine smiled. “All you need to do is switch it back on.”

Dizzy in my post-orgasm haze I pouted with intrigue, but did as he asked and lay back and closed my eyes.

Then, as if it had a mind of its own, the vibrator sprang to life. I gasped and grabbed its handle, my eyes flicking to my husband. A naughty smile was painted on his lips and he was playing with his phone… he was controlling the vibrations!

Firmly holding onto the handle now, the shaft slipped into my wetness with ease and I nestled its tip against my G-Spot, the arm lapping against my wet and swollen clitoris. Now in place, I bit my lip and watched Mr Divine, trying to gauge what might happen next.

Dripping with anticipation, I was almost ready to beg for more but Mr Divine had read my mind; deep rhythmic vibrations danced within me, while light pulses caressed my delicate skin in gentle waves.

The sensations and the mystery of what was to come next fuelled my arousal and the heat within me burned brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger. I could no longer keep my eyes on my husband as I succumbed to the delicious vibrations. I lost myself, awash with sheer ecstasy as I came and came again.

“Enough! Enough.” I panted; I was spent, woozy from unrelenting pleasure. I felt Mr Divine slide onto the bed next to me, and he planted gentle kisses on my breasts before tilting my face to his. A slow smile spread across my face, thinking of how I was going to make this special treat up to him.

“Alright, my love?” He whispered.

“Darling, I’m seeing stars!”

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