Steamy showers

Steamy showers

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Mr Divine goes on a few business trips through out the year for various conferences and meetings, but I was taken by surprise when he told me he’d booked a double room for the two of us.

“I thought you said you weren’t supposed to bring your partner?” I asked, eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“We’re not,” he said with a schoolboy grin, “but I only have one meeting and I know you love the city.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my cheeky husband. Besides, the kids would be fine on their own with a fully stocked fridge, and it was only one night…

I felt a little out of place in the hotel lobby; ostentatious décor didn’t even begin to fill the huge marble-floored room with high, golden ceilings. A bellboy took our bags and we took a rather exquisite lift up to our room, which was just as fabulous as the rest of the hotel. With gorgeous deep red walls and a four poster bed, I felt like I had stepped into the epitome of luxury!

“I hate to rush, but I have to go to my meeting. When I get back we can go and explore.” Mr Divine said, kissing me as he left.

All alone in what felt like a small palace, I did some exploring of my own to keep me occupied. The bathroom was simply gorgeous, with a freestanding bath and a separate shower that had a whole host of power settings.

I decided that I was going to freshen up for our afternoon together, so returning back to the bedroom I unbuttoned my blouse as I admired the view. Our room was fairly high up, but if anyone did happen to catch a glimpse of me I didn’t really care, in fact it gave me a little thrill as I slipped my bra straps from my shoulders and undid the clasp.

After one last look out onto the cityscape, I slipped off my trousers and knickers and headed to the opulent bathroom.

As I felt the gloriously hot water against my skin, I relished in the soothing feeling of the shower’s torrent massaging my shoulders. I rubbed sweet smelling shower lotion between my hands before running them over my body, caressing my breasts as my hands wandered lower and lower.

The warmth of the shower matched the heat between my legs, and with a wandering finger I teased my clitoris with delicate circular motions. The water continued to cascade over me and as the familiar feeling of sheer bliss began to swell within me, my rhythms picked up the pace. My chest heaved in increasingly rapid breaths.

Just as I was petering on the edge of ecstasy, I heard movements in the bedroom. My hand shot to my chest out of surprise.

“Is someone there?” I called out; I was hoping that it was just housekeeping and that they’d soon leave.

There was no answer and my frustrations grew- I had been so close!

I called out again, only this time I could hear footsteps coming towards the bathroom. A wicked thought flashed through my mind; had someone seen me at the window?

The door opened slowly, and my eyes ran up athletic bare legs, the stiffening prick, the broad shoulders of my husband. Our eyes locked and he wore a sultry smile as he approached the shower.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, gently snaking my hands across my breasts to my shoulders flirtatiously.

“I may have told a little white lie…” He smiled, watching me, biting at his lip.

“Care to join me?”

“I’m just enjoying the view for now.” He said quietly.

I licked at my lip, and with one hand on my breast the other slowly snaked down my torso, over my pubis, fingers parting my lips so that he could watch my every movements. With the warm shower still cascading over me, it was no longer clear what was water and what was my own wetness, which I could feel beginning to build again as my fingertips fluttered against my now swollen bud.

My breaths began to hasten as I closed my eyes, the ecstasy within me building once more, when I heard Mr Divine come closer. I swallowed hard, once again stopping myself from tipping over the edge and I bit my lip forcefully.

Wordlessly, my husband pulled me towards him, his erection rock hard against my inner thigh, and he slid my leg up his body before gliding his hand down my thigh until he had a firm hold of my buttocks. I was giddy with anticipation now; twice he had deprived me of what I wanted, but I knew that he wasn’t going to let me down.

With a shift of his hips, he slowly pulled me towards him, his penis teasing inside of me. There was no way I could stifle my groans as he filled me completely, edging himself into my heated wetness so gradually that it was both an agonising tease and the epitome of carnal pleasure!

When our hips finally met, a low moan emanated from Mr Divine’s throat, and he began to thrust quickly now; holding on to the shower door to steady myself, I began to feel dizzy as my throbbing clitoris and G-Spot were being stimulated in union. My husband held me as close to him as he could, his fingers grappling my naked flesh as he planted hungry kisses across my bouncing breasts, nibbling at my chest and neck.

My core ignited, my clitoris swollen, I finally succumbed to a blissful blended climax that shuddered through my entire body! Dizzy with desire, I leaned my body into my husband, who came after a few more fervent thrusts.

We stood together, suddenly remembering the water was still falling over us, smiling through panting laughter. Mr Divine stroked and kissed my tender nipple and we untangled ourselves. We shared a gorgeous shower before we decided to go and explore the city, although in all honesty we didn’t make it past the bedroom…