Shopping Woes

Shopping Woes

I don’t like to sound like the Grinch but I absolutely hate Christmas shopping. It’s the most tedious thing ever. It takes me hours just to make a list of who I need to buy for. I usually write down ideas of what I can get them too if I can. There are usually many big gaps in my list because I never know what to get people.

The shops are heaving from November onwards and the damn Christmas music follows you everywhere. In fact I do wish it was Christmas every day like that lyric says because then there wouldn’t be any time for flaming Christmas shopping. That’s how much I dislike it.

Once I have my gifts, they’re wrapped and I’m free just to enjoy the pretty lights and the Christmas decorations, I’m perfectly happy to wander around the shops and I’ll even sing along to the carols by the brass band in the town centre. I do love to get festive but I just wish I could capture the same carefree feeling when I’m actually purchasing presents. That seems like an unending chore to me.

This year I could have bought a thousand things for my Mum whose current obsession is owls. They’re everywhere. If I had a family full of mums I’d have cracked it but sadly no. As many presents as I could see for her, I couldn’t find a thing for the men in my life. They’re so damn difficult to buy for, diary. Not one of them loves golf or gardening, which is terribly unfair of them as there’s so many themed gifts with just those past times available in the run up to the big day. My husband and son already get so much deodorant at Christmas that I don’t have to buy them any for the rest of the year. And sadly, Lego doesn’t cut it any more with my son. So my go-to gift is a no-go now. It was a quandary that really had me scratching my head and stomping my foot in frustration.

I’d even resorted to scouring the internet for ideas but I came up blank. I needed a break and just then an email from my favourite sex toy provider pinged into my email. I tried to ignore it, really, I did. I was being good, I had the lads to buy presents for and I was determined to do it. December’s creeping along and I hate to leave it all to the last minute.

In the end I got the perfect gifts for the guys because I promised myself a little treat at the end of it. We all need a treat now and then and a nice, shiny new toy to add to my collection was the motivation I needed to finally kick myself into gear and find the perfect presents for my guys.

I will remember this next year when the seasonal madness ensues, I’m sure I can get it done in record time if I know I’m going to get something sexy and fun at the end of all that stress.