Keeping Warm With Tiani

Keeping Warm With Tiani

It is cold, diary. I slept in my woolly hat last night. I leap from my clothes into the shower in as little time as possible. It’s too cold to be naked for too long. This makes having a sex life more challenging. Mr Divine is hunky, he’s sexy and very, very virile but even he can’t get through three jumpers, leggings and a pair of jeans to my skin without plenty of time and patience to hand.

We’d kind of got a little blasé about the lack of sex in the winter. It had become a fact of life that we both hesitantly accepted. The cold ekes away my determination anyway and so when the jumpers came out the sexy stuff would get put away until the sun came out again.

Then Mr Divine came home with a present one cold November evening and suddenly layers of clothes were no barrier to sexy fun. I’d never even heard of a remote controlled vibrator until he brought one home for me. The LELO Tiani version 2 in fact. It’s not very big and certainly not scary. I wasn’t sure what I made of it at first. My loving husband patiently explained how the little thing fitted into me, one curved end inside, the other resting on top of my clit. He showed me how it vibrated, controlled by a tiny little remote control…in his hand.

We had a rare opportunity to go out for a meal together. The in-laws visited for the weekend and insisted that we go out and enjoy ourselves. Even the kids were eager for us to go knowing that Gran was going to let them order in pizza to stuff themselves with. Hubs instructed me to put on the Tiani with a wink and a smile.

Even the weight of having the device nestled safely inside me and inside my trousers was deliciously distracting. I decided on trousers because of the chill in the air and the fact I didn’t fancy explaining if the toy managed to drop out of my knickers at any time. I’m sure it wouldn’t, it seems pretty secure but better safe than sorry.

Mr Divine asked me how it felt as we walked down to the local Italian. I explained how it felt weird but not uncomfortable, how it shifted as I walked and put pressure on places that made me tingle quite pleasantly.

Then he hit a button and the thing vibrated. My knees turned to jelly, I stumbled a little before I corrected my stride. He laughed and I shook my head at his obvious glee. Don’t get me wrong, diary, I enjoyed it too. Oh, I really did. I didn’t know when he’d turn up the vibration or cut it out. I was left on the very edge of exploding so many times and in public too.

Now, diary I can keep my clothes on and have lots of sexy fun. The great thing is that if we get so hot I have to strip off layers then all the better. I don’t even have to remove the Tiani to enjoy the real thing; it’s designed for couples to use and gives both me and Mr Divine lots of hot, toasty winter pleasure.

Nw plz excuuuuuuuuse mi typos the huband haz gotten th remot agin…

Written By : Staff