Taking Compliments

Taking Compliments

The sun is out and the world’s gone mad. Men of all ages become incapable of wearing a t-shirt and I swear women’s shorts get tighter and shorter every year, oh, the sights I have seen…

But, there is something alluring about the sun. When the temperature rises so does my libido. I think it has something to do with having at least one less layer on and Mr Divine does like it when I wear short floaty skirts and skimpy tops. He can’t keep his hands off me. It’s satisfying to know that simply the sight of my flesh still turns him on even after years of marriage.

We were watching the telly the other night, an advert for all the beauty products that you’d need to be sexy in the sun. Mr Divine turned to me and said. “You don’t need any of that gunk, you’re pretty no matter the weather.”

I giggled and blushed like a teenager, isn’t my man brilliant? He’s always been so good with the compliments and you know, I used to be awful at accepting them. I had all the responses down to a tee.

“Oh, this old thing?”

“That’s kind of you, but I could do with shedding a few pounds.”

“I’ll just hide at the back so I don’t spoil the shot.”

Mr Divine pulled me out of that bad habit though. I’d trotted out one of my well used lines after he complimented me on one our very first dates and he just looked at me.

“Don’t ever do that again,” he snapped.

I was quite taken aback, diary, I’d not known him long.

“You’re a beautiful woman and I’m going to tell you that many times. Accept the gift gracefully, please?”

“Oh, okay.” I agreed. I’d never seen it in that light before and from that day on I never ever knocked back a nice comment. Why should I? I think we women all have our insecurities and so often we choose to take to heart things that back them up. It’s difficult to take a compliment when you don’t think it’s true. However, sometimes you’ve just got to let the control slip and accept that others see you differently. It’s freeing to be as sexy as your lover sees you as being. Oh yeah, it gives me a shot of confidence to try all kinds of naughty and risqué things. Wearing a little skimpy negligee, sending Mr Divine sexy pics when he’s at work, plotting fun role play… it’s freeing!

So, diary, even after all these years, Mr Divine still makes me blush and carry on like a young girl first in love. He is handsome, smart and he loves me. That’s damn sexy, I can tell you and Mr Divine is often at the centre of my sexiest fantasies. I’m planning to fulfil some of them soon.

There are others we’ve already tried diary, maybe someday I’ll tell you about them. Right now, though, a cold glass of white wine and a hot man is waiting for me in the living room – I’ll write more soon, promise!