Chilling Out With An Icicle

Chilling Out With An Icicle

It is hot, too hot. I’m typically British in that I complain when it’s cold but as soon as the sun is out for more than a few hours at a time I start to melt away. At least it’s the weekend so I can spend some time lying about in the shade sipping chilled Mojitos and reading a good book.

It went a little differently today than I expected, though. The kids were both out: one at a party, the other seeing a film at the cinema, so we had the house to ourselves for the afternoon. When I came in from my dropping off duties I moaned to the husband and threw off my t-shirt. I’d not normally be so forthright but I had to cool down and quickly.

“Want an ice lolly?” Mr Divine asked and I nodded enthusiastically. When he came back into the living room he had a lovely orange lollipop in one hand and the other behind his back.

“Here you go, dear,” He passed it over, “and I’ve got something else to help you cool down.”

Well, Diary, I was well and truly flummoxed when he pulled my icicle from behind his back. No, it’s not the kind you’d find in the Arctic, it’s a glass dildo. It’s very pretty, clear glass which has 9 balls fused together. The top one is tiny, then each one gets a little larger and the bottom one is 2.4” in circumference. Not too big, definitely not intimidating and very stylish. I bought the Icicles Clear Bumped Glass Dildo No 2 because it looked good and I knew it would last a long time. No batteries to change and just a rinse with a little soap and water and it’s clean. Why Mr Divine had it in his hand I had no idea.

It soon became obvious as he pressed it to my naked calf and the thrill of ice cold ran up my leg.

“I put it in the fridge this morning,” he said when I yelped, then moaned as the chill rolled through my body and relieved me from the heat. He moved it higher, up to my thigh and even higher. Wow, I got cooled down really quickly when he slid it inside me. The intense chill was delicious, it almost burnt it was so cold but as the Icicle was moved that intensity spread through me and I was very soon pushing back against my husband’s hand.

The knobbly nature of the Icicle means that as it moves it caresses my inner walls and it rubs against that elusive G-spot and sends vibrations of ecstasy through me with every thrust. I was deliciously chilled and heated to boiling point all at the same time. By the time I’d taken all the pleasure I could the Icicle was warm and I felt much cooler and a lot happier too.

Clever Mr Divine. I think I’ll be putting my Icicle in the fridge several times through the summer. But I do know it’ll be a toy I use throughout the seasons, its shape and its heft make it a definite keeper. In fact, I might look at getting another one: there’s a whole range of them in different sizes and colours. I think I might like to experiment with having two in my body at the same time. Mmm, deliciously dirty!

Written By : Staff