Jo Divine's Secret Diary

Culinary Treats
  • Jo Divine
Culinary Treats

With the recent blast of Autumnal weather, Jo thinks about baking hearty desserts in her kitchen... and gets distracted by some very naughty ideas!

Bum's The Word
  • Jo Divine
Bum's The Word

Jo talks about fantasy, visual escapism and most importantly, her secret turn-on... Sexy butts!

Back to Basics
  • Jo Divine
Back to Basics

Jo contemplates over the real need for so many technical devices - sometimes, going back to basics will do the job just as well...

Sensual Songs
  • Jo Divine
Sensual Songs

Everyone has that one song that triggers a flood of memories... Jo reflects on all of her trigger songs and makes a rather embarrassing confession!

A Review of the LELO Lily
  • Jo Divine
A Review of the LELO Lily

Jo reviews the cute and discreet Lily, LELO's flagship vibrator. What will her verdict be? Find out here!

Getting Kinky
  • Jo Divine
Getting Kinky

Jo's been getting a little kinky this week - remember, it's okay not to be vanilla... Jo reflects on adult dress-up, bondage and how anyone can bring them to the bedroom at a very low price.

Supermarket Blush
  • Jo Divine
Supermarket Blush

Nobody enjoys going food shopping by themselves, but when Jo visits her local store on a usual, boring evening shop, she encounters a sexy young man stacking shelves and her imagination begins to spark...

Talking Dirty
  • Jo Divine
Talking Dirty

The key to talking dirty is... being as explicit as you like! Jo talks about some of her favourite fantasy scenarios with her partner and why it's so important to be uninhibited when it comes to making the most of sex.

Taking Compliments
  • Jo Divine
Taking Compliments

Why do women struggle to accept compliments? Jo contemplates negative self-image and embraces the fact that you can be just as sexy as your partner sees you - accept those compliments as gifts, ladies!

Chilling Out With An Icicle
  • Jo Divine
Chilling Out With An Icicle

Jo reviews the Icicle No. 2

Rainy Days
  • Jo Divine
Rainy Days

Black rain clouds filling the sky on a day away from work are enough to dampen anyone's spirits - so why not take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures that home life has to offer? Jo settles down with an erotic book and tells us exactly why it's her most favourite genre...

A Naughty Weekend
  • Jo Divine
A Naughty Weekend

Jo's enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and is excited at the prospect of getting to spend a rare weekend alone with Mr Divine. The passion felt in the heat of the moment urges Jo to think of ways to make their already smouldering sex life even better... for both of them!