Jo Divine's Secret Diary

New Explorations
  • Jo Divine
New Explorations

With a boring week coming up at work, Jo gets carried away looking for a distraction and dares to venture into previously unexplored territory...

Stolen Kisses
  • Jo Divine
Stolen Kisses

Like many of us, Jo loves kisses - but feels that they are often neglected in relationships once you're settled down with a family because couples just don't have the 'alone time' to spend with each other like they used to. However, a pre-work make-out session with Mr Divine one morning leaves Jo feeling rather flustered for the rest of the day...

A Chocolatey Mess
  • Jo Divine
A Chocolatey Mess

Jo loves Easter time and she also loves all the chocolate that it brings - especially when it means that her and Mr Divine get to have a sneaky share of it when her family aren't around!

Mutual Satisfaction
  • Jo Divine
Mutual Satisfaction

Jo thinks about the concept of giving and receiving in relationships - particularly in the bedroom! Tired of typical magazine column advice about sexual relationships, Jo expresses her own thoughts on becoming synchronised with a partner.

Married Sex
  • Jo Divine
Married Sex

Jo considers the portrayal of sex and marriage in the media and why couples' sex lives shouldn't just disappear once they have been married for a few years.

Patience Is A Virtue...
  • Jo Divine
Patience Is A Virtue...

Jo is a rather impatient person and hates waiting, so she gets especially irritated when Mr Divine teases her by cuffing her to their bed and making her wait...

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift
  • Jo Divine
The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Jo reminisces on Valentine's Days past and talks about the best gifts she's ever received from Mr Divine.

A New Year’s Resolution I Can Keep
  • Jo Divine
A New Year’s Resolution I Can Keep

Jo isn't very good at keeping to her New Year's resolutions and, like most of us, tends to give up on them after a few weeks. However, this year she's found something that she actually enjoys - which also involves her husband...

Curing The January Blues
  • Jo Divine
Curing The January Blues

With Christmas and New Year long gone, Jo is feeling the January blues in full swing. However, a surprise visit from Mr Divine at home one lunchtime is sure to provide a good cure...

A Festive Spanking
  • Jo Divine
A Festive Spanking

Like many adults, Jo relives her youth every Christmas - however, sometimes she needs a little physical activity to bring her back to reality...

Shopping Woes
  • Jo Divine
Shopping Woes

Jo despises Christmas shopping and having to fight amongst the crowds, but there's one thing that gives her the motivation to keep going... the thought of a little personal treat!

Keeping Warm With Tiani
  • Jo Divine
Keeping Warm With Tiani

Jo dislikes the cold and the lack of sex it brings - fumbling through umpteen layers of clothes is far from her idea of fun. But when Mr Divine brings home a LELO Tiani one day, things turn around very quickly...

An Explosive Night
  • Jo Divine
An Explosive Night

Jo's not a huge fan of Halloween, but she loves the national celebration that comes shortly after it: Bonfire Night. Jo shares her family's traditional firework routine, resulting in her making some fireworks of her own with Mr Divine afterwards...

An Erotic Halloween
  • Jo Divine
An Erotic Halloween

Although we might like scary films, there's one person here who feels quite differently - Jo Divine herself! Labelling herself as 'a complete cowardly custard', Jo tells us about her favourite things to do at Halloween in her latest diary entry. Unsurprisingly, they involve supernatural erotic stories, mostly including vampires!

Beating The Winter Blues
  • Jo Divine
Beating The Winter Blues

Summer has well and truly left us now, and just like everyone else, Jo is feeling the winter blues. However, she's determined not to let the cold and miserable weather stop her from having some fun!

Sexy September
  • Jo Divine
Sexy September

Jo loves the summer and the opportunities for family time that it brings, but like most parents, she secretly looks forward to September coming again... No kids around the house means more time to get intimate!