Jo Divine's Secret Diary

Valentine dilemma
  • Jo Divine
Valentine dilemma

Jo's planning her Valentine's Day with Mr Divine but is struggling to find a suitable gift

Fifty Shades of Naughtiness
  • Jo Divine
Fifty Shades of Naughtiness

The long wait is over for Jo and she is looking forward to seeing Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema with her girlfriends but she is looking forward to coming home to act out her favourite scenes in the film with the deliciously, wicked Mr Divine!

New Year, More Sex
  • Jo Divine
New Year, More Sex

Jo's thinking about her health in the New Year, concentrating not only on her diet and exercise regime but also improving her sexual health with the help of lubricants and a remote control sex toy.

Tinsel Tease
  • Jo Divine
Tinsel Tease

Jo loves Christmas and can't wait to get her tree decorated, but her tradition of putting up her decorations on 1st December encounters a problem when Mr Divine wants to watch a football match at the same time. Will a wicked idea make him compromise?

Sexy Texting
  • Jo Divine
Sexy Texting

Jo's beloved old mobile phone finally gave up the ghost recently, so she has had to move forward with the times and get a new phone. She explores all its new features and discovers just how easy it is to send a few naughty snaps to Mr Divine while he works...

Dancing Fever
  • Jo Divine
Dancing Fever

Jo's been looking forward to her favourite dancing-themed reality TV show making a comeback, but Mr Divine hates watching it. Will she manage to win him over by showing him her moves?

A Sexy Dress
  • Jo Divine
A Sexy Dress

Jo was about to go dress shopping for a date night with Mr Divine, but the typically rainy British weather has scuppered her plans. She looks back at the dresses she already has, all of them evoking fond memories... Will one of them come to the rescue?

Jiggle Ball Fun
  • Jo Divine
Jiggle Ball Fun

Now that autumn has well and truly set in, Jo has found herself missing the summer days, replacing warm weather and short dresses with tights and scarves. To cheer herself up, she decides to invest in her sexual health with a set of LELO Luna Noir beads - and gets more than she bargained for!

  • Jo Divine

After Mr Divine's extra special help during Jo's bake sale drama, she feels like she must return the favour - and in a big way. So when the children leave earlier than normal for school one morning, Jo takes advantage of the little extra alone-time bestowed upon them...

The Bake Sale
  • Jo Divine
The Bake Sale

Jo loves baking but doesn't cope well under pressure, so when her daughter comes home from school asking her to make cupcakes for their bake sale, she knows that something is bound to go wrong. However, a little stress in the kitchen is nothing that Mr Divine can't fix...

Office Blues
  • Jo Divine
Office Blues

Jo is fed up with spending her summer days gazing longingly out of her office window at people walking by in their dresses and shorts. Looking for a form of escape, she casts her mind back to fun days in the sun with Mr Divine: one afternoon just after their honeymoon, in particular...

Advertising Gripes
  • Jo Divine
Advertising Gripes

Jo loves the summer time, but despises all of the advertising that comes along with it! She talks about the fact that advertisers play on people's insecurities when it comes to showing off a little more flesh during the summer months, and reflects on her teenage experiences of trying to fit in at school.

A Surprise Holiday
  • Jo Divine
A Surprise Holiday

With the kids staying at their grandparents', Jo gets surprised with a holiday by Mr Divine! She reminisces with him about past beach trips and times when spending time alone was a lot easier to come by.

Summer Showers
  • Jo Divine
Summer Showers

After getting caught in a summer rain shower, Jo is not too impressed when she arrives home with her floaty summer dress soaking wet and clinging to her drenched curves! However, Mr Divine has the perfect idea to cheer her up...

Football Fury
  • Jo Divine
Football Fury

The World Cup is in full swing and Mr Divine is a huge football fan, much to the disdain of Jo! One night she gets sick of watching all the obscure matches and decides to take herself off upstairs for a little fun of her own...

Ice Cream Dreams
  • Jo Divine
Ice Cream Dreams

Jo's been suffering in the recent bout of warm weather - she's a light sleeper and sleeping next to Mr Divine at night is proving to be a nightmare. Luckily for her, Mr Divine has a sneaky little plan up his sleeve to cool her down...