7 Ways To Attract A New Partner

7 Ways To Attract A New Partner

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The Look of Love

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so when spotting a gorgeous man or woman across the room in a bar or at a nightclub, there are ways in which you can attract their attention by using that come hither look.

Our eyes can tell others what we are thinking and feeling. Men will openly stare at the person they are interested in, whereas women will let their eyes roam the room to see who is there but secretly keep an eye on the person they like.

The Art of Flirting

When you are attracted to someone, your pupils dilate, especially in dim light which makes you appear more attractive to them. Lowering of your eyelashes and throwing small glances will keep them interested. Holding eye contact with them for slightly longer than necessary can increase intimacy. If they hold your gaze, you may be in luck!

If you are female, tossing your hair back will get you noticed as will twirling it in your fingers. If you have a complicated hairstyle which feels uncomfortable, avoid messing or fiddling with it. It will make you seem nervous.

Be confident

You may not have the body of a supermodel but people are attracted to men and women of all shapes and sizes. Men like the whole package, but may notice you if you have a nice smile, funny giggle or generally seem happy. Women tend to notice your smile, sparkly eyes, toned bum or sexy voice.

Play up your assets like your hair, eyes smile or long legs rather than worrying that they have noticed your crooked teeth or wobbly thighs. Be assured most people don’t notice these things, they tend to focus on the positive aspects of your body and manner. women are just too critical about themselves.

Even if you have a curvy or larger body, wear clothes that fit rather than baggy clothing which will make you look bigger. Avoid drab colours, choose bright colours which suit your skin tone. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, there is nothing worse than feeling self conscious in a low cut top, tight dress or trousers that feel a little too snug if you are a man!

Invest in a pair of “Bridget Jones” knickers to hold it all in, you can wear your sexy lingerie when you’ve got your mate. Shape wear is a wonderful invention and will hide a multitude of flaws you think you may have and make your clothes fit better and look good.

Men are attracted to all parts of our bodies so while you obsess about feeling fat, he is concentrating on your sexy curves, beautiful smile, and kissable neck whether you’re male or female!

Men are self conscious about the way they look and often don’t realise you’ve noticed the gorgeous dimple in their cheek, deep rumbly laughter and firm thighs!

Flash only a little flesh

A little flesh on show like a shapely calf, glimpse of cleavage will be enough to wet his appetite and keep him wanting to find out what delectable secrets you have hidden under your clothes. Keeping your body under wraps will encourage him to use his imagination!

Wear Red

Red is my favourite colour and I have to say I do feel more sexier and attractive when I wear red, even if it is just red lingerie!

Try wearing red or putting on red lipstick. We know the Chris De Burgh song “Lady in Red” but is it true?

Studies have shown that women who wear red are seen as more attractive and more sexually desirable by men. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (2010) found women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background and in red clothing.

A range of studies have also found that:

  • Women who wear red on their dating profile photographs are more likely to get messages and dates than those wearing other colours.
  • Men are more likely to ask a woman out and spend more money on her if she is wearing red.
  • Red lipstick not only impacts upon sexual attractiveness but can also influence confidence in the boardroom.
  • The British Heart Foundation polled 1000 women in 2013 and found that 26% wore red lipstick to give them confidence.
  • A French study conducted in 2012 found that waitresses who wore red lipstick received 50% more tips from male customers than when they wore pink, beige or no lipstick. When asked about their tipping habits, the men said that they were unaware of being influenced by their server’s appearance. Women are not influenced by this effect.
  • A recent study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology (2017) found that people can feel more attractive when putting on red clothes.

Red can make some people more confident so add some colour to your wardrobe.

Does size matter?

It does when it comes to romance and height. Research by the University of Texas in 2014 found that the height of a potential partner is more important to women than men. Nearly 50% of the women polled wanted to date men taller than them(average height of women – 5 feet 4 inches) whereas only 13% of men wanted to date women shorter than them (average height of men – 5 feet 8 inches).

Reasons for this included being able to hold hands comfortably, feeling secure and delicate, being able to reach up to hug their man and being able to wear heels and still be shorter.

Interesting research reported in PlosOne (2014) found that in same sex relationships men that preferred a more dominant and more “active” sexual role preferred shorter partners, whereas those that preferred a more submissive and more “passive” sexual role preferred taller partners. Preferences surrounding relative height in homosexual men are modulated by their own height, preferred dominance and sex role and is in complete contrast to height preferences of heterosexual men and women.

A 2009 Australian study found that taller men are able to earn more money than their shorter counterparts because they are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful. They could earn $950 for every 5 centimetres of height!

A 2011 study found that shorter people can perceive themselves to be taller when they hold a position of power!

Lower your voice (if you’re a man)

Take note, men, if you want a woman to remember you or what you saying, speak in a low pitch voice.

Research at the University of Aberdeen in 2011 found that a deep male voice is important for both choice of partner and accuracy of the female memory. The results revealed that women had a stronger preference for a low pitched male voice and could recall a list of objects more accurately when they were read out by a deep male voice.

Memory in women is sensitive to male voice pitch which plays an important part when choosing a mate as it can indicate genetic quality as well as revealing unattractive antisocial traits and lack of emotional warmth, both undesirable in a long term partner.