How much quality time do you spend with your partner?

How much quality time do you spend with your partner?

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According to a survey by (2014), 33% of British couples spend less than 30 minutes of quality time together each day.

A poll of 2000 people found that despite being in committed relationships couples are spending less than 2% of their normal working day in each other’s company.

Sadly, three in ten couples said that their relationships suffered as a consequence of not spending more quality time together. An enormous 89% thought that they would all get on better if they spent more time together and 50% said they would be simply happy with a meal at home to catch up with their partner’s activities.

Six out of 10 couples would simply like the opportunity to talk to their partner each day and ask them if they are okay.

Other couples stated that they would like to watch a film together (50%), try something new (42%) or do everyday tasks such as shopping together (29%). If given the option, couples would like to have dinner together, go for walks, visit the pub, watch stand up comedy and go to the beach.

For 15% cuddling up on the sofa at the end of the day watching TV was the only time they had together.

At least 33% said that once the children were in bed, they spent their time doing household chores. 54% said they wish they could spend less time doing housework and more time with their partner. A third of couples even confessed that they considered doing DIY as quality time as they believed if they were working on something together, whatever it is, counts towards quality time together.

Surprisingly 16% of respondents said that they rarely get any time together due to work and family commitments.

Some 49% of people asked, said that their partner doesn’t even make romantic gestures any more and takes them for granted!

Rather than choosing more extravagant trips to the theatre and having dinner out, many couples just want to spend time at home, enjoying a meal together or watching their favourite show on TV.