An Introduction to Massage

An Introduction to Massage

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Massages are not only relaxing and health beneficial; they can also be an intensely intimate form of foreplay. Here are some tips to giving your partner the perfect massage experience.

Set the mood

Get rid of the loud music and the bright lights: it’s time to bring a little ambience to the room. Set out by lighting candles or using adjustable ambience lamps. It is said that women are especially turned on by the scent of vanilla, so a lightly-fragranced candle could do just the trick. For a more romantic feel, scatter rose petals around the room.

Find the perfect temperature

The room temperature is a make-or-break factor during a massage: if it’s too hot or too cold, neither you or your partner will be able to relax fully, putting a dampener on the whole experience. Massages can either have warming or cooling effects on the body depending on what techniques you use, so make sure you can change the climate of the room easily before you start – a fan heater/cooler or something similar could be useful.

Choose your location

The best massages are given on hard surfaces, such as a floor or table (providing it is sturdy, of course!). Although the bed may seem an attractive spot, soft surfaces lessen the impact of massage stroke, making the whole massage less effective. Covering your chosen surface with a blanket or rug will help – your partner will feel more comfortable. For extra intimacy, help your partner undress to really get them into the mood. Get your partner to lay on their stomach and ensure that they are comfortable before proceeding.

Work your nimble fingers

The basic idea of body massage is to use your fingers or the base of your palms whilst inducing different degrees of pressure to loosen your partner’s muscles. Relaxed muscles increase mental and physical sensitivity.

Most massages, particularly back massages, require a form of lubricant to create the ultimate relaxation experience. Massage candles are a great place to start – simply melt the candle, then pour it over your partner’s body. Massage candles are not like ordinary candles: they are 100% body safe and have a low melting temperature, so do not be afraid – you will not hurt your partner with hot wax!

To massage your partner’s back, get him/her to lie face down. Lubricate your hands and with your thumbs, begin to apply pressure to the neck and upper back muscles. Take your partner’s shoulders one at a time and gently work your way down to the elbow, using a twisting motion as you do so.

Use the bases of your palms on your partner’s lower back and take long, smooth strokes, ensuring to avoid the spine. You can also massage the buttocks and the backs of the thighs, but be gentle as they cannot withstand as much pressure – especially in women.

For a different massage experience, why not try an all-over body massager? Products such as the Doxy Massager are specially designed to softly caress, stimulate and massage the skin. The pulses are strong enough to give a deep muscle massage and the vibrations call for a sensual, more intimate massage during foreplay – however you use them is up to you!

If you are feeling adventurous, consider going to a Massage Party. They are a great way for couples to begin exploring couples events.

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Written By : Lauren Moore