Water Based vs. Oil Based vs. Silicone Based Lubricants

Water Based vs. Oil Based vs. Silicone Based Lubricants

Ever wondered which type of Lubricant is right for you?

Read this handy guide to discover the differences between Water Based, Oil Based and Silicone Based Lubricants.

All of our sexual lubricants are skin safe and irritant free. There is nothing worse than having a stinging, burning or itching vulva, vagina, anus or penis, which is why we always recommend using products that have been designed for sexual use and to check the ingredients on the label.

We always recommend using sexual lubricant for any sex play and with our sex toys, as we believe it enhances your sexual pleasure and allows you to indulge in extended play either with a partner or a sex toy.

Ingredients Matter

Our lubricants are from irritating ingredients that you will find in the vast majority of lubricants such as glycerine, parabens and glycols, dyes, perfume, alcohol and sorbitol.

Water Based Lubricant

Water based lubricants are the most versatile of all the lubricant types as they are safe for all sexual activities, are latex condom compatible, easy to wash off, leave no residue and can be used with all our sex toys too. They are closest to your own natural lubrication.

Our water-based lubricants are free of any smell, taste or colour and are non-staining.

Not all water-based lubricants are long-lasting so you may need to reapply as required or reactivate them with a little water. Having said that, Sutil Luxe and Rich are long-lasting water-based lubricants which require little if any reapplication or the need to reactivate with water.

SUTIL LUXE is a silky smooth water-based lubricant that moisturises, nourishes and soothes our most intimate areas, as well as lubricating for sexual pleasure. This fabulous water-based lubricant gently cushions and glides, blending seamlessly with your own natural lubrication during sex. Being water-based it is easy to wash off too.

Free from irritating ingredients, pH balanced to that of the vagina and hormone free, it is perfect for anyone, including those not able to have hormone replacement therapy and post cancer treatment, not only as a sexual lubricant but also as a vaginal moisturiser and can be used with any sex toy or dilator.

Sutil Rich has a thicker formulation and slightly higher pH; however, many people enjoy using it for both vaginal and anal sex. It can also be used as a vaginal moisturiser.

Made with eco – certified ingredients, SUTIL is committed to creating natural and organic cosmetics that are not only great for your skin, but also derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Even the sleek tube is biodegradable.

Yes Organic Water Based is free from irritating ingredients, made with organic ingredients, easy to wash off, safe to use for all sexual activities, pH balanced to that of the vagina flora, free from any smell, taste, colour and is non-staining.

Water-based lubricants are great for anal play. Being thicker in formulation and long-lasting SUTIL Rich is perfect for anal play because it cushions the delicate tissues of the non-lubricating anus. It is great to use with condoms and our anal sex toys too.

Oil Based Lubricant

YES Oil based lubricants creates a great long-lasting and silky smooth experience. Highly beneficial for your skin, they moisturise and enhance the comfort of your sexual play, encouraging long-lasting pleasure.

The thicker consistency of oil-based lubricants makes them ideal and safe for play with our sex toys, especially our anal toys. Oil-based lubricants can be used with both YESWB and Sutil Luxe and Rich water-based lubricants, to create a Double Glide effect and provide longer lasting lubrication. They can also be used for sex play in the shower, pool, hot tub or sea. YESOB can also be used when swimming in chlorinated or seawater to protect the delicate tissues of the vulva.

However, oil-based lubricants are NOT suitable for use with latex condoms.

When using an oil-based lubricant, please be aware it can linger inside the vagina and anus up to 24 hours after use if you plan to use latex condoms during that period.

We do not recommend using any oil-based products you can find in your kitchen or bathroom cupboard, including Vaseline and baby oil. These were never designed for sexual use. Some food products that are safe to eat are not suitable for intimate play.

Silicone-Based Lubricant

Silicone-based lubricants are longer lasting, slippery to touch and are great for fun in water as they do not wash away. ID Velvet Silicone Lubricant is designed with a sensitive skin formula and is safe to use with latex condoms.

Silicone-based lubricants go a very long way and are perfect for long-lasting sexual play. The lubricant itself will last a long time, as just a few drops suffice for one application. It is also worth noting that they are safe for use with latex condoms. Our SKINS condoms are lubricated with silicone lubricant

Due to their thicker consistency and long-lasting qualities, silicone lubricants are great for anal play too.

However, we do not recommend using any silicone lubricant with silicone toys because it will damage the silicone, making it feel tacky to touch. Any damage will make the silicone toy porous, difficult to clean, and no longer skin safe or hygienic.

Not sure what to try?

We offer YES Intro Selection packs which contain one 50ml tube, 1 applicator and 1 sachet of both water based and oil based lubricant

Sutil Luxe and Sutil Rich both come in 10ml sample tubes, 3-4 uses as a little goes a long way which are perfect to try.