Play With Your Partner

Play With Your Partner

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Play isn’t just for children but for adults too. As we grow up, we tend to forget how to play and what fun we used to have. Laughing, giggling and joking around should be part of your relationship because when you have physical fun with your partner, the more likely sexual fun will follow!

Here are some ideas to get you in the mood for fun and frolics.

1. Have a water fight

Flick water or soap suds at each other when doing the dishes – a wet t-shirt is liable to get his juices flowing! Don’t let the children have all the fun with a water pistol, get in on the action and get soaking wet.

2. Let it snow

Remember the scene in Love Story when Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw have a roll around in the snow? In the winter months of the year, plan an ambush in the snow and get the children to join in too. Getting physical with your loved one whilst having a laugh together is a great preview to what may follow that evening.

3. Wrestle

Get hot, sweaty and breathless wrestling your partner. It’s good fun and will make you laugh so much you probably won’t win! What man doesn’t like to pin down his woman which will lead to other things!

4. Pillow fight

My children love having pillow fights and we always end up in fits of giggles. Do the same with your partner, ambush them on the way back from the bathroom and chase each other around the bed, who knows what might happen.

5. Play with food

Have fun smearing chocolate cake onto your partner’s face or blobbing cream on their nose. Just be prepared to be on the receiving end of similar behaviour. Food play is so sexy!

6. Dance

My children get really embarrassed when we dance together, you know, Dad dancing! Try dancing in private away from the children. Even if you have two left feet, it will make you hot, breathless and laugh.

7. Play Strip Jack Naked or Spin the Bottle

Remember playing these games when you were a teenager! Get your partner to remove an item of clothing or kiss a part of your body when they lose their hand at cards or the bottle lands on them. You could write down sexual favours to be performed later each time one of you loses a piece of clothing. Depending on how good you or they are at cards, someone is going to end up naked which is naughty but fun!

8. Have a food fight

When cooking in the kitchen, accidentally get flour on your other half’s nose. He’ll probably retaliate in some way but it’ll end up in a hug and you’ll both have a smile on your face.

Hopefully some of the ideas above have inspired you to be more playful and bring fun back into your relationship. Don’t let the children have all the fun, start playing with your partner today, you never know what or where it might lead to!