What Are The Nation Up To In The Bedroom?

What Are The Nation Up To In The Bedroom?

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Who’s having the most fun in the bedroom? A survey by Totally Bound Publishing recorded the sexual exploits of women across the UK and uncovered wide variations in our sexual habits. The survey, ‘Britain’s Secret Sex Lives’, asked 2000 British women what really goes on behind their closed bedroom doors.

From the far north of Scotland to the deep south of Devon and Cornwall, there were surprising differences in sexual exploits, real and fantasy sex lives and attitudes.

Mr Darcy versus James Bond

Starting in the north, the Scottish women prefer a more rugged, daring fictional hero in the form of 007 super sexy spy, James Bond, perhaps with Sean Connery, the smooth talking Celt in mind, compared to the nation’s fictional hero, Mr Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth emerging from the lake in his soaking wet shirt is an image imprinted on many female minds!

Women in Scotland also prefer ultra sexy, talented Hugh Jackman compared to the nation’s favourite, George Clooney.

Keeping it Simple

Women in East Anglia are the coyest when it comes to sex, with almost 43% saying they hadn’t experimented with their partners, more than 10% below the national average. A third of respondents said they didn’t discuss sex with their partners but interestingly 59% said they fantasise about sex once a week or more. Whether this fantasy was with their partner or someone else remains a secret!

Keeping it Secret

Despite being one of the most sexually active regions in the UK, 56% of women having sex once a week or more, our lovely northern ladies are the most reluctant to talk about their sex lives. 38% won’t share the details of their sex lives, above the 30% national average. What is important is that they are having sex and enjoying it!

Kiss and Tell

Unlike the women from the North East, our Welsh ladies are happy to reveal all about their sex lives. 31% would share the details of their sexual exploits compared to only 23% of the national average. And when Welsh women aren’t talking about sex, they are fantasising it about it, 64% having sexual fantasies once a week or more, 5% more than the rest of women in the UK.

Share Fantasies With Friends

Unlike the majority of women who prefer to share their sexual fantasies with their partner, women in the South West are more likely to confide in their friends about their sexual fantasies. 33% said they were more likely to trust their friends with the intimate details of their sex lives, 6% above the national average.

Naughtiest Women

The nation’s naughtiest women live in the South East with 73% having tried everything from bondage to threesomes, 5% above the national average. Topping the list is using a sex toy (51%), closely followed by having sex in a public place (40%) and food foreplay (35%).

Naughtiest Women in Secret

Women in the East Midlands are nearly as naughty as women on the South East but don’t shout about it. 72% have experimented with adventurous sex activities but 87% of these women would rather not divulge the details.

Their sexual exploits include the ones women in the South East are doing as well as bondage and role play.

Busiest In The Bedroom

More than half the women surveyed from the West Midlands (58%) say that they have sex at least once a week, making them the busiest in the UK.

They also fantasise about sex with 15% admitting to having daily sexual fantasies, 2% above the national average. Their fantasies include sexy scenarios of dominance and submission, sex with men in uniform and beach sex.

This survey reveals that wherever you live in the UK, women have wide and varied fantasy and real sex lives, some regions, more happy to reveal their sexual exploits than other regions.

Wherever you live, it is fantastic to know that women are enjoying sex!

Written By : Samantha Evans