What Do Your Knickers Say About You?

What Do Your Knickers Say About You?

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Nearly all of us wear them but what does your knicker drawer say about you and your sex life?

We all have those undies for exercising in, for wearing during our period, our favourite ones we keep for special occasions but does it hold knickers as old as your teenager? Are there still maternity undies hidden in its depths?

Have you been hanging onto those skimpy pieces of material that are two sizes too small in the hope that they may fit you again in the future or a partner bought as a gift you never wear because they are just too uncomfortable?

Are your knickers more “granny” pants rather than sexy siren lingerie intended to show off your gorgeous body to your partner?

We’re all guilty of some of the above so it’s time to do an undie drawer blitz and consign those horrendous knickers to the recycling bin! Research suggests that we should replace our underwear once a year

Even if your partner prefers the commando style (not always practical or comfortable!), they probably still enjoys seeing you just in your underwear. Your underwear can make an impression even if only glimpsed as you are hurriedly getting dressed in the morning or swiftly removed prior to getting into a warm bed.

Be honest with your underwear and decide what covers your bottom and what doesn’t!

Your underwear could be affecting your mood!

ShopSmart magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports ( 2010), found that one in four women has their mood affected by wearing an ugly or ill-fitting pair of underwear. They found that nearly half of women (47 percent) felt sexier or more confident wearing a nice or special pair of knickers. Interestingly nearly a quarter of women (21 percent) varied their underwear selection depending on their mood and 12 percent felt it is an important part of their outfit.

Do they fit properly?

Your knickers should cover everything they need to cover and stay in place. Do they bunch up, slide, roll or fall down, are you yanking them out of your bottom all day or do they dig into your skin?

They may not fit as well as they did as your body changes and machine washing can alter their shape and colour too. Manufacturers change the sizing without informing us which is annoying so even though you may have bought the same size and style they may not fit as well.

If the label size concerns you, just cut it out. This applies to any piece of clothing. You’ll feel and look better in underwear that fits.

Are they in good condition?

Check the stitching and fabric to make sure it is in good shape. If it is fraying, the material has gone grey or just looks washed out by washing, the elastic is over stretched, the stitching is coming undone, or it has a hole where it shouldn’t have one, it is time to bin them.

Are they unattractive?

We’ve all bought underwear that is comfortable but just not feminine or pretty. If you or your partner cringe when those pants appear, why do you have them? You know the pair I mean, those granny pants that are so unflattering!

With so many brands selling lingerie inclduign several ethical brands, it is possible to find comfortable and pretty knickers.

Do they flatter your body?

We all have different body shapes and sizes and just like any clothing, not all underwear is suitable for everyone.

Well-fitted briefs and bikini knickers will look good on most people but if you are battling tummy bulge, try high waisted knickers that cover and hold in your stomach as well as giving you a more sleeker shape under clothes.

If you have an athletic shape or a curvy bottom, try boy shorts. High cut leg underwear can make the top of your thighs look smoother and prevent the leg hole of your knickers digging into your flesh.

Thongs are a popular choice by many women to avoid VPL (visible panty line) even though you can get underwear without VPL and there is nothing worse than seeing a thong peeking out of the back of your jeans. Thongs can cause thrush and bacterial vaginosis as they transfer bacteria from your anus to your vagina, theyc an also rub the delicate tissues of the vulva, making them sore or even bleed.

You may want to try several styles to find the shape most flattering and comfortable for your figure. Personally when I find comfortable knickers I buy several pairs and there is nothing more frustrating when a brand changes the deisgn of your favourite pair, use cheaper material or poor quality elastic!

Are you allergic to your Undies?

Have you ever bought new undies, worn them and spend the day frantically itching your vulva? The skin of your vulva is very delicate and easily irritated so you need to treat it with care.

It is really important to stick to cotton underwear or choose ones with a cotton gusset to prevent any irritation. It’s also breathable and absorbent, which can help prevent yeast infections. Synthetic materials such as silk, nylon and Lycra can exacerbate the problem, especially if they are tight body fitting designs which keep the material close to the body

Artificial dyes can cause problems. Phenylenediamine (PDD), a compound used in black dye is often used in cheaper, poor quality pants, causing skin irriations so choose reputable brands or avoid buying black pants.

The rubber elastic in the waistband can trigger an allergic reaction such as itching and rash- like symptoms by sticking to the skin and shedding small particles of rubber too. Synthetic lace can irritate especially if it is rubbing against the skin of the groin or between the cheeks of your buttocks.

Feeling brave? Go Commando!

Sleeping in the nude is healthier for women as it prevents yeast infections from thriving in warm, moist conditions. Wearing something tight or restrictive prevents air from circulating, causing you to sweat and encouraging thrush to grow so even if you like wearing nightclothes, itch your underwear and allow your vulva to breathe. If you feel brave, ditch your knickers in warmer weather. It is easy to do if you wear a long dress or skirt, in the garden, around the house, on holiday and can feel incredibly liberating too, in fact, why not ditch your bra too!

What does your partner think?

Some partners are good at giving excellent feedback on what looks good on their partner and what doesn’t. This can reinforce a positive feeling about what you are wearing or just confirm what you already know about your bad underwear but just needed someone else to tell you!

We all have our favourite pair of pretty knickers we like to wear or those sexy wisps of gauzy material we keep for special occasions but you can wear pretty, feminine, comfortable knickers all the time.

If your partner can see just how sexy and confident you feel in your underwear they may get the hint and stop buying tacky, cheaply made and ill fitting lingerie and start buying gorgeous well made lingerie! Letting them know that wearing fabulous underwear makes you feel sexier will benefit both of you.

So stop procrastinating about your knicker drawer blitz and start your journey to feeling and looking sexy and fabulous by ditching those granny pants today!