A Tuscan Teasing

A Tuscan Teasing

And here is the third prize winner in our Jo Divine’s Diary competition by Instagram’s @lifeofbeth___.

I awoke with my belly full of butterflies. Packing up my hotel room, I was thankful that I had only brought a suitcase of delicate, lacy underwear and flowing summer dresses… It was like I had predicted that an Italian lover was going to take me on a naughty weekend trip.

Sophia arrived in an open-top vintage car in a deep shade of red. Her haired flowed freely in the breeze, and she wore a simple white t-shirt and denim skirt; she looked incredible. I could already feel the warmth begin to spread through my body, and my mind started racing with thoughts of all the things we were about to do together.

We drove through the countryside passing olive groves, vineyards and quaint Italian villages, it was all very picturesque. Tuscany really is breathtaking. The hours passed quickly; our drive was filled with laughter and tales of sexual escapades from our younger days. I thought I was an adventurous woman, but some of her tales made even me blush… They also made me curious, she was certainly experienced, and I knew she could teach me a thing or two.

The breeze cooled as the sun began to set across the postcard perfect coastline. Sophia was not wearing a bra. Her nipples had become stiff with the drop in temperature, and I could see their pink colouring through her white t-shirt. I instantly had visions of my tongue flicking across them…

Sofia brought me back from my daydream, explaining that our villa was not too far away, but that she wanted to take me somewhere special on the way. She drove us down a narrow road that snaked down the cliff side towards the beach. It was like something out of a movie. In front of us, a small enclave emerged. And nobody else was in sight. As I got out of the car, all I could hear was the waves splashing against the cliff, and the sand was golden and warm as I pressed my toes into it.

Sophia took my hand and led me behind the cliff wall that sheltered us from the evening breeze. She pressed me against the wall, putting her whole body weight on to mine, and whispered into my ear, “Jo, are you going to be a good girl for me?”

After hearing all her stories in the car I was suddenly nervous, but I could also feel my wetness seeping through my knickers. I was overwhelmed, and I did not know what to say, so I just nodded and bit my lip.

“Good, now turn around, hands against the cliff and spread your legs for me.” She said it to me with such authority, like I was a naughty school girl getting a telling off, that I did exactly as I was told, immediately. She traced my back with her manicured nails, all the way down to my hips, and then she gripped me and thrust two fingers into me. Sophia pulled the straps of my dress down over my shoulders, and it pooled at my feet, leaving me just in my knickers. She pressed her body up to mine, and my breath deepened with exhilaration. It was happening… and it was so hot! Sophia gently started to caress my thighs and bottom. I felt myself melting into her hands when suddenly she smacked my cheeks. It stung, but it also made me wetter. I could not believe it and let out a scream, but she covered my mouth with her hands and growled, “Be quiet! You don’t want them to hear what a naughty slut you are, do you? Take your punishment like a good girl.”

I gulped. It had stung, but it only took me a second to realise that it also felt good, and so I whispered, “Sorry Sophia, I promise to be good”. She kissed my bottom, and then carried on spanking me and stroking me. I could feel my cheeks begin to throb, they were getting hotter and redder with every slap. I had never experienced anything like this before in my life.

Sophia stopped the spanking, gently slipping her hand between my thighs and pressing her fingers onto the damp material of my knickers. She let out a deep groan. She pulled my knickers to one side, slipping her fingers back inside me, before removing them and forcing them into my mouth. I licked them eagerly, sucking them clean. Sophia got down onto her knees behind me and pulled my knickers down. She spread me wide open and lapped up my juices, twirling her tongue around my clitoris, sucking my lips and putting her tongue inside me. She was incredible, and I couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Divine.

But then Sophia did something completely unexpected… she traced her tongue up between my butt cheeks and started to lick my arsehole. I had never felt a sensation like it… my knees buckled, and I began to shake, but she didn’t stop. Before I knew it, two of her fingers were inside my pussy – thrusting in and out – while she continued to lick my hole. I bit my lip hard to try and stifle my moans, but I very quickly started to orgasm, the most intense I have ever had. My whole body shook. It took some time before I could open my eyes or move, but when I did, Sophia giggled and held me till the wave of feeling had finished washing over me. I burst out laughing too, and kissed her. This weekend was going to be very, very fun.