Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

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OK, so there aren’t any dragons…. Well, unless you count me with my fire … but that’s a whole other story.

So, are you thinking of some big castle? Where they lock away the prisoners, banish the mythical creature? OK, so I’m not talking about those either….

I’m talking about BDSM play dungeons or in common press cliché form ‘sex dungeons’ and yes in the book that shall not be named, ‘the Red Room’ was actually the term given to his dungeon. These dens of pleasure and pain are scattered in towns and cities up and down the country. These are rooms, or buildings that in most circumstances, you would never notice they are there, from the outside blending in with everyday life…. But once you step inside it’s a whole different story.

What is a Dungeon?

So a Dungeon is a space used for BDSM play. As well as private Dungeons for hire, allocated areas for BDSM play at kink and fetish events are also called the Dungeon.

Dungeons will normally contain a variety of equipment, including spanking benches, St Andrews crosses, cages, hard points to restrain from, medical play tables, massage tables, vac beds and much more.

Many will also provide a large variety of equipment to use too, from floggers, paddles, riding crops to ‘fucking machines’ ( a dildo attached to mechanics to stimulate sex). You can also bring along your own play toys. ( If you are looking to purchase a few items check out Jo Divine range here).

So once inside the dungeons out there vary in style and luxury, and some even allow you book to stay over.

Why Hire a Dungeon?

Dungeons can be hired by the hour, a few hours or by the day/night and are more reasonable than you may think.
You might be lacking space to play at home or you may be new to the scene and want to try out the toys on offer before looking to purchase your own.
You might have a specific fantasy or role play you may want to play out, or want to try out some of the equipment.

The options are endless.

On your own or a couple that needs mentoring? You do not have to miss out too, most dungeons will be able to recommend reliable and trusted professional Dominants/Dommes/Mistresses/Masters that you can contact and arrange to book a session with.

What else do Dungeons offer?

Many Dungeons also offer a variety of workshops, where you can go along on the day to attend to learn a variety of BDSM skills. I teach several workshops each year at my local Gatwick Dungeon.

Some will host munches (kink social gathering) or a play munch which combines the social and option to play should you wish.

Many also host events by party organizers who hire the venue for the night for a variety of different well established kink hosts.

So come and delve deeper in to your kinky journey…. Enjoy the possibilities out there.

“I went with a friend the first time, after googling ‘London Dungeon Hire’ There aren’t enough private hire venues in London, but prices are comparable. You are shown around then left to do your own thing, I wish I could spend more time in a dungeon as the set up means I can get really good sessions and I get to dress up too” Mistress Taia

“My first visit to a dungeon was to attend a munch at a local dungeon after seeing the event listed online, I got to see the facilities in a relaxed friendly environment and 4 years on now teach workshops there too” Secrets_

Photo credit: Gatwick Dungeon