Wicked Halloween Sex

Wicked Halloween Sex

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Halloween isn’t just for children, adults can have some naughty fun with some sexy tricks and treats of their own!

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to spooky stories, ghostly sightings and ghoulish goings-on. Here at Jo Divine, we don’t think anything is too wicked, so this Halloween, don’t just let the children have fun but make some of your own too!

Unleash your inner devil and be as wicked and naughty as you can possibly be, to spice up your sex life.

Sext your wicked thoughts

Get your lover in the mood for wicked sex by texting them a mischievous message to spice up your Halloween. Sexting isn’t meant to be subtle, so the more blatant you are, the better, but make sure no one else can see it.

Ask a question which might spark a flurry of spicy, sexy messages, or throw in your own fireball to see what kind of fire you can ignite!

Just imagine your partner’s thoughts, with naughty messages putting a wicked grin on their face, rude images in their head, making them feel very hot under the collar… and in other places, too.

Text a photo of you in your devilish costume or just send small snippets, such as a glimpse of your voluptuous cleavage in that tight corset, those glistening blood-red lips puckered, ready for a kiss or your sharp pointed scarlet fingernails, primed to run up and down their back, leaving a trail of pleasure and pain.

Role Play

Become a wicked devil, sexy witch or sleek black pussy cat, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting victim (or partner). Wearing a disguise can help you play out your sexual desires. Release your inner sexy vampire with tight bodices, stockings and suspenders, wear a mask, colour your nails and lips in crimson red lipstick and nail varnish.

Orgasm Call

Why not call your partner whilst indulging in some glorious sex play with your favourite sex toy? Describe in intimate detail exactly where you’re using your sex toy, how it feels, the vibes running through your body, the wetness of your vagina and the throbbing of your clitoris. If you have a penis, describe how it looks, the size of your erection, especially if wearing a constriction ring and make noises down the phone as you masturbate with your favourite lubricant or sex toy

Stay on the line whilst enjoying a fabulous orgasm or hang up to keep them in suspense, you decide!

Come into my parlour

Create an intimate den of sinful pleasure by dressing the bed with red/black satin or silk sheets which feel sensuous against your skin, and light the room with scented candles. Incorporate a sensual massage into your foreplay using exotic oils scented with sandalwood and musk, giving your total concentration to those sensitive areas.

Indulge in kink and release your inner werewolf, get all tied up or enjoy some consentual spanking spanker or spankee, you choose!

Why not try adding some kinky bondage to your bedside drawer, ideal for awakening all those sleepy sexual senses. From silky rope to neck and wrist restraints and sexy Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar, you dominate or be dominated in whatever way turns you on!

Add a cheeky spanker or this gorgeous feather slapper into the mix, both perfect for pleasure and pain, you choose!

Indulge in sensual nipple play with or nipple suckers but ask your partner first, we don’t want tears on Halloween!

Silence your partner’s cries of pleasure or pain when they submit to wearing this beautiful Midnight Lace Bit Gag.

Our sense of touch is heightened by sight deprivation, so try combining blindfold play with slow sensual all over body massage, touching your partner with a feather-like caress or use a feather, silk scarf, tickler. The feeling of not knowing what is coming next increases sexual arousal.

Treat yourself or your partner to a gorgeous sex toy and take your sexual pleasure to a whole new level. There is a wide variety of sex toys to satisfy the most demanding sexual needs, so why not purchase one each, the gorgeous Miss Bi for her and the Pulse Solo Essential for him – or the gorgeously stretchy Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cockring so you can both enjoy the fun together.

The fabulous Satisfyer Double Love is App controlled but are you brave enough to let your partner take control of your pleasure?

Feed your Lust

Who doesn’t love food, especially when it’s drizzled over and sucked from our bodies!

Tempt your lover with tiny morsels of sexy foods such as whipped cream, melted chocolate and fruit eaten or sucked from your fingers.

Deep kissing with a mouthful of sparkling wine can create a fizzy sensation, or gently lap champagne or your favourite liquor from your partner’s belly button. Who knows where your tongue may end up!

Add in a blindfold to drive your lover crazy with the uncertainty of what you might put in their mouth!

Scary films

Any excuse to press your body against your partner is good and may tempt them into spicing things up. Watching a scary film on the sofa, cuddled up to your loved one underneath a warm blanket may lead to you needing plenty of comforting to take your mind off the fright you have had, once the film has finished!

Some of our favourites include Disturbia, Orphan, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, What Lies Beneath and The Woman in Black but I’m sure you have your own favourites too.

Halloween Games

Remember Bobbing for Apples when you were a child? I have memories of just getting cold, wet and not getting an apple!

Why not try this pleasurable, strictly adult version to spice up your Halloween.

Fill the bath tub with steaming hot water but leave out the bubbles and bath bomb to avoid a bad taste in your mouth. Turn off the lights and light candles around the bathroom, try cinnamon apple spiced candles or a sensual massage candle to create a sensual environment to get you in the mood.

Slip into the hot bath and slowly begin to oil your body with a little bath oil to keep your skin silky and a little slippery, we don’t want to make things easy for your lover, do we! Take your favourite waterproof sex toy with you, even more pleasure as you play!

Relax in the luxurious depths of the water, allowing your partner to glimpse your wet, tantalising body. Even though your partner may want to jump right in and take a huge, delicious bite of what is being offered, make them stay outside the bath and lean over the side without using hands to explore the delectable temptations on display with just their mouth and tongue and glistening goods!

If they use their hands, make them strip and join you, or you may not be able to wait and pull them to get in to taste the whole luscious treat!

I think you’ll find that this version of Bobbing for Apples is much more fun!

Hope you have the most wicked Halloween ever! Happy Halloween!