Skirt Club: "Mini Skirt" Review

Skirt Club: "Mini Skirt" Review

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A recent poll by YouGov found that almost a quarter of the British public identify as something other than 100% heterosexual, and increases to almost half for those aged 18-24.

With more of us openly confessing our sexuality is creaking ajar, exploring these feelings may become more of a reality rather than a fantasy previously relegated to the privacy of our own imagination.

Answering the call of our curiosity is Skirt Club, an exclusive members club where women can explore their sapphic side in secret. Described as an “underground community for girls who play with girls”, the idea alone is enticing enough. As a woman who would consider herself mainly straight, but open minded and admittedly finds women attractive, it offers the perfect opportunity to experiment.

After having my membership approved, I booked my place at a Mini Skirt party. More of a cocktail evening than a sex club, a Mini Skirt party allows interested members to meet like-minded ladies in a laid back and luxurious environment. Held at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch, entering through a concealed mirror was exciting enough; and that was just the beginning.

Immediately you’re welcomed by smiling, beautiful women who exude sophistication and sexual confidence, and instantly make you feel at ease. A free tipple and a card matching game soon gets you settled in and introduces you to the others who have arrived, before burlesque performers set the sensual theme for the evening.

What’s perhaps most immediately recognisable is the lack of pressure or awkwardness; everyone there knows what they want, and are open to discuss it whilst giggling over glasses over wine. Although the playful and naughty tone of the night didn’t quite descend into pillow fights, it did include a round of spin the bottle and body shots – so perhaps the male fantasy isn’t too far off from reality. Soft kisses exchanged, lashes batted, lips bitten: the excitement amongst the group of empowered women was palpable as the evening went on.

As an introduction to Skirt Club, the Mini Skirt party means that clothes (mainly) stay in place, so there’s no pressure for those who are dipping their toe in to begin with. By the end of the night, numbers and Skirt Club profile names were swapped so that you can stay in touch with the wonderful women you’ve met that evening. Promises were made to attend the next full Skirt Club party; a secret event at a private location that could potentially lead to much more than party games.

So where does Skirt Club go from here? Stay tuned, and let me enlighten you…

To apply for membership, or to read more about Skirt Club, you can visit them here .