My evening at Skirt Club

My evening at Skirt Club

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Skirt Club Review

As a sexually comfortable and confident twenty-something, I’m always looking for ways to explore what sensuality means to me. But in between bars and for those who don’t do dating apps, where do you turn? This is how I found Skirt Club.

Founded by women, for women, who like women, Skirt Club is an underground community where girls gather to explore themselves, and each other. After first finding out about the club online, it wasn’t long before I attended my first event – the Mini Skirt Club. Here ladies are introduced to the circle with conversation that’s as sparkling as the prosecco, and kinky party games to break the ice. After kisses are exchanged, cocktails are finished and cabs are booked, what next? It’s time to lower your hemline and embrace the full Skirt Club experience.

Hosted at a plush private home in West London marked only by a distinctive doormat, you’d never know what waits inside. I ring the bell and smirk to myself as unsuspecting pedestrians pass by, unaware of the stockings under my dress or the dirty thoughts on my mind. Once inside I’m greeted by the gorgeous organisers and handed a glass of champagne before I mingle amongst the other beautiful women there with exploration on the brain. I feel instantly at ease – there’s a shared feeling of enlightenment, and we all know we’re there for the same reasons. This is a secure place to experiment without worry, and to flirt and indulge your fantasies.

After the initial introductions and adventuring across the townhouse, the group of fifty or so girls arrange themselves for the entertainment. Tonight this comes in the form of psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle and Colombian belly dancing beauty Tahaty. Once the acts have been applauded, inhibitions are stripped along with clothing. Long dresses are shed in favour of lingerie as the evening picks up pace, and I’m free to admire the truly incredible women I’m surrounded by.

The sensual tease has meant my curiosity is at its peak, and I want to play. Walking past several storeys of rose petal sprinkled rooms I take to the terrace and sit with a small group as we gaze across the sparkling rooftops of London. I’m trembling, and I can’t tell if it’s from the cold November night or the anticipation of what’s to come. Locking eyes with a girl that I’ve been swapping stories and shared glances with, she admits that she can’t wait another moment to kiss me. We lean in, soft lips and sweet breath colliding. This isn’t the first time I’ve kissed a girl, but I know it’s the start of something that could be so much more.

I remember a small snug inside a book-lined study, and lead her there. As kisses turn more fervent, it isn’t long until we’re joined by a passing party goer who asks if they can join us. She’s beautiful – a brunette biting her lip, with perfect breasts and a soft stomach. How could I say no? In what seems like only a moment I’m in between the two, our small snug made even tighter as tongues travel across skin, my nipple gently tugged at by the brunette as my other playfriend plants kisses across my belly.

As incredible as this is, I’m eager to keep exploring. Wearing only my lace suspender belt, soft panties and stockings, I push the door open to another room and meet more women- some kissing, others talking as they stroke skin. “Does anyone know how to use this?” one giggling girl asks, pointing at a silk swing suspended from the ceiling. Never one to turn down a challenge, I help her into it. Another girl joins us, curious about the contraption and the two of us playing with it. As I watch her kiss the girl in the swing, a need aches inside me and I know I want to go further, and try what I’ve only done in my fantasies before now.

Gently holding her hips, I guide the girl in the swing towards me, kneeling in front of her. She keeps kissing the other girl as my lips gently caress the flesh along her inner thighs, and she breaks away briefly to gasp a light moan as I reach the place I’ve thought about for so long. The sound of her pleasure is a turn on enough – knowing that I’m having this effect. As a woman I know what we want, and I take great pleasure in slowly giving her that.

The night continues into the early hours, with women floating from room to room, exchanging fantasies but not full names. Everyone is comfortable, confident and at ease. It doesn’t matter if you’re there for sex or just want to see how the experience makes you feel – Skirt Club caters for everyone, with no pressure. The entire night emanates sophisticated and class, they definitely know what women want.

I get home at 2am with swollen, over-kissed lips and a lot on my mind. I feel strong, happy and confident in my sexuality – I struggle to stop myself smiling as I try to sleep as the events of the evening play out in my mind. I wake up the next day and log in to Skirt Club – I already can’t wait to go back.

Written By : Miss P