Can I use Baby Oil as a Sexual Lubricant?

Can I use Baby Oil as a Sexual Lubricant?

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Should you use Baby Oil as a sexual lubricant? The simple answer is no, please don’t use it.

We always recommend using a sexual lubricant to our customers and often hear some say “I don’t need one, I use baby oil” which is when we advised them as to why baby oil is not suitable for sex play.

What is Baby Oil?

Baby Oil is made from mineral oil, a highly refined by-product of the petrochemical industry. It is used in many beauty products because it is cheap.

Mineral oil creates a waterproof barrier on the skin rather than being absorbed into the skin. This can lead to blocked pores and decrease the body’s ability to eliminate toxins through sweating. It is not suitable for vaginal use as it stays inside the vagina rather than being absorbed into the walls of the vagina.

If mineral oil is ingested, it is broken down by the liver and passes through the intestinal tract. Once in the intestines, mineral oil can absorb all of the fat-soluble vitamins found there, thus depriving your body of their benefits.

Can I use Baby Oil for vaginal sex?

Like any oil based product or sexual lubricant it breaks down latex, thus damaging latex condoms, exposing you to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and increasing the risk of becoming pregnant.

Due to its barrier properties it is difficult to wash off with soap and water so showering or bathing after vaginal or anal sex won’t remove it. There is a potential for it to damage condoms as it stays inside the vagina, on your vulva and on your penis, many hours and even days after use.

As it stays inside the vagina it can upset the vagina flora causing an imbalance in pH which can lead to an infection such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis. It may also cause anal infection after anal intercourse or sex play.

A 2 year study at UCLA (2013) found that women who used petroleum jelly or baby oil in the vagina increased their risk for bacterial vaginosis by 22%. Similarly, those who reported using oils, such as those found in your kitchen cupboard had a 32% increased risk for yeast infection.

Any other products containing petroleum jelly such as barrier creams should not be used as a sexual lubricant.

It can also stain bedding and nightclothes.

Is Baby Oil suitable for Anal Sex?

Many people enjoy the sensation baby oil offers during anal play as it is slippery and smooth. However, just like with vaginal sex, baby oil can make condoms break and render barrier protection useless, making the transmission of STDs easier.

As it is a barrier, baby oil can’t be easily washed out so it can remain in the anal region and creates an environment that encourages bacteria to thrive, increasing the risk of infection. As it lingers in the anus, it it may damage condoms during any furture sex play within the following 24 hours or even longer.

Try using a silicone sexual lubricant such as ID Velvet Silicone Lubricant if you enjoy the slippery texture of a sexual lubricant. However it is not advisable to use silicone sexual lubricants with silicone sex toys as it may damage the material of the product.

Yes But is an organic water-based anal lubricant, pH balanced to that of the anus.

Can I use Baby Oil for Oral Sex

Baby oil is not recommended due to the unpalatable taste and it is not safe to ingest in large quantities. After being broken down by the liver it passes through the intestinal tract where it absorbs all the fat soluble vitamins, thus depriving your body of their health benefits.

Baby Oil and Masturbation

Using baby oil may cause issues if you use it for masturbation, then have sex using a condom the next day as it remains in the vagina and on the vulva and will damage the material of condoms, increasing your risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexual transmitted disease. Remember – this applies to men as well as women.

It can also degrade the silicone commonly used to coat sex toys, so it is not recommended to be used as a lubricant with silicone vibrators, dildos or dilators either.

Sex toys which are made from porous materials such as jelly, rubber and latex are not recommended for use with baby oil as it will degrade the materials too.

Are there oil based sexual lubricants that are safe to use?

Oil based lubricants give a great long-lasting, silky smooth experience. They are thick and creamy, and last longer during sex, but be aware that they are not safe to use with latex contraceptives.

There seems to be a wide range of mixed opinions for and against coconut oil as a sexual lubricant so here is some information to help you decide if coconut oil is suitable for you.

The same goes for olive oil. It is often said that olive oil is good for you because it lubricates your insides, but does that make it a good substitute for personal lubricant during sex?

YES Oil Based Organic Lubricant is extremely skin nourishing as it is made with plant extracts, and using it with YES water based lubricant during sex play creates a luscious Double Glide affect.

Make sure to avoid products which contain petroleum jelly/mineral oil – only use natural plant products if you want to use oil based lubricants.

Written By : Samantha Evans