Can I use Coconut Oil as Sexual Lubricant?

Can I use Coconut Oil as Sexual Lubricant?

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Many beauty blogs and celebrities recommend the use of coconut oil as a sexual lubricant citing its natural qualities but just because something is edible, does that mean it is good to put inside your vagina?

There seems to be a wide range of mixed opinions for and against coconut oil as a sexual lubricant so here is some information to help you decide if coconut oil is suitable for you.

Coconut oil lubricant and vagina health

Many people are careful about what they eat and what beauty products they use on their faces, hair and bodies. However, few think about what their sexual lubricant contains, even though they’re putting it on one of the most sensitive and highly absorbent areas of their body: their clitoris and vagina.

The vagina is often referred to being a “well oiled engine”, as it is a self-lubricating organ. It also has a very delicate pH balance, so introducing substances such as coconut oil can actually do more harm than good.

Although coconut oil is known for its amazing antiviral and antibacterial properties, which is why so many people use it to heal cuts, scrapes, and burns, it is exactly these qualities that disrupt the delicate balance of the vagina.

By upsetting the vagina’s pH balance, also known as the “vaginal flora”, common vaginal infections such as thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can develop. This is because the new environment caused by certain lubricants is more favourable for the bacteria or yeast to grow in.

BV is often described as having a fishy odour, so is quite easy to identify and is easily treated with antibiotics. Thrush is caused by a yeast infection, making you feel itchy sore and producing a cottage cheese like discharge. It is easy to treat with over the counter antifungal cream, pessaries or one dose medication. You need to treat your partner to avoid reinfection.

Is pure coconut oil safe to use as a lubricant?

No one knows; there have been no scientific studies to discover if it is suitable to use on your vagina and vulva. It is known to be comedogenic, which means it can clog your pores. While this may not be an issue for some people, for people with sensitive skin, it can cause bumps and irritation to the skin which may lead to infection, swelling, soreness or pain.

How pure or ethical is the coconut oil we buy?

Some natural sexual lubricants do contain coconut oil, however they use medical grade coconut oil that has been laboratory tested, not the cheap pot you pick up in the supermarket and keep on the shelf in the kitchen for cooking, buy online or at the chemist.

Some supermarkets and health stores are removing brands that captured monkeys, keep them on chains and train them to harvest the coconuts so check your brand and think before buying a pot or product, is it an ethical brand?

A jar or pot of coconut oil opened and applied with fingers, which then go back into the pot each time may become contaminated, so it is always best to use a sexual lubricant specifically designed for the job.

The coconut oil in YES oil based applicators is certified organic and the lubricant is laboratory tested to ensure that it is free of micro-organisms. It is also ethically sourced like all the ingredients in YES products. They are for once only use, delivering the lubricant directly into the vagina without using your fingers.

Coconut oil is an oil-based lubricant

As with any oil based lubricant, coconut oil is not compatible with jelly, rubber or latex sex toys and latex condoms or dental dams as it will make them more likely to break, leaving you susceptible to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

It may stain clothing and bed sheets and can also damage leather and other materials, so do a spot check before using your lube with harnesses and delicate lingerie.

Oil based lubricants can stay in the vagina and anus for up to 24 hours, so be aware when having sex within this time period if using latex condoms.

If you are someone who has sensitive skin and prone to vaginal infections, give coconut oil a miss and choose a completely pH balanced natural sexual lubricant such as YES organic lubricants. If you want to try it, do a skin test first and try a little on your vulva for 24 hours prior to use and always check the purity of the product you are using.

Written By : Samantha Evans