Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction without using medication

Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction without using medication

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According to research at the University of Adelaide in Australia, people with a penis suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) can successfully reverse the effects of their problem by making lifestyle changes and avoid the need for medication.

Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine studied 810 people with a penis aged 35-80 years over a 5 year period and found that 31% of them developed some form of erectile dysfunction. A small percentage developed ED due to a medical condition but the majority of sufferers were affected by ED caused by physical conditions rather than psychological problems. The physical conditions causing ED were being overweight or obese, increased alcohol consumption, having sleeping difficulties or obstructive sleep apnoea, and age.

The study found that 29% of those affected had managed to overcome ED through making changes to their lifestyle such as weight loss programmes, reducing alcohol intake and taking more exercise.

Getting older is not a cause of erectile dysfunction as many people of advancing years still maintain erectile function but it may be a side effect of another medical condition, such as heart disease or diabetes or of medication being taken to treat other conditions.

Younger people experience erectile dysfunction including teenagers who experience anxiety and stress and also from watching too much porn making it impossible for them to enjoy sex without visual imagery.

The lead researcher of the study, Dr Sean Martin from the University of Adelaide’s Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health says: “Even when medication to help with ED is required, it is likely to be considerably effective if lifestyle factors are also addressed”.

When he consults with a patinent who has ED, drug therapy may be used initially to help the problem and then he recommends that lifestyle issues are tackled at the same time. Often, his patients find that by making changes to their lifestyle, the medication can either become more effective or less necessary as the effects of a healthier lifestyle can increase sexual desire and function.

ED needs to be addressed because it could be an underlying cause of heart disease. It often occurs before heart conditions become apparent, therefore by making lifestyle changes such as weight loss, alcohol consumption, overall dietary intake and sleep, as well as address risk factors for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, men can make a serious impact upon reducing the risk of developing ED.

Male Pelvic Floor exercises

People who have a penis have a pelvic floor too, just like people who have a vagina but very few are aware that doing pelvic floor exercises offer many health benefits without causing strain on the heart including delaying premature ejaculation, producing stronger, longer lasting erections and increasing stamina which enable you to last longer during sexual intercourse.

The pelvic floor muscles or Pubococcygeous muscles(PC) stretch from your urinary sphincter to your anus. They can be activated by squeezing and tightening them upwards for 10 seconds, then releasing them, repeating between 10-20 times a day. They can be done standing up or sitting down and no one will know you are doing them.

It is recommended that you seek advice from a pelvic health physiotherapist, trained to instruct you how to do these exercises correctly.

We work with several pelvic health physiotherapists who recommend these products to their patients in addition to teaching them how to perform pelvic floor exercises.

Bathmate Hydromax

Regular use of a penis pump such as the Bathmate Hydromax can help avoid erectile dysfunction developing in later life as it promotes a healthy blood flow to the penis.

We recommend the Bathmate as a penis exerciser to help prevent erectile problems and as a way to overcome it.

Sex Toys for People with a Penis

Many sex toys are not designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). However, some products can offer ways in which people can experience sexual pleasure, such as through vibratory stimulation. Other products enable a person to sustain an erection suitable for coital sex, or change the way their erection feels.

They are also a good way to enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner even when penetrative sex is not possbile.

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

Manufacturer Hot Octopuss have created the ultimate “Guybrator” with an innovative design that means their products can be used with a flaccid or erect penis, helping to reintroduce sexual sensations for people with ED.

The “Pulse Solo Essential and Pulse III Duo each have an oscillating plate that stimulates the frenulum. The Pulse III Duo, meanwhile, also has a vibrating underside so can be incorporated into couples’ play.

Cock rings

Once you have got an erection or able to get an erection but not sustain it for long, cock rings are an ideal way to make it last longer as well as making you bigger. They can delay ejaculation and intensify orgasms. Used in conjunction with Bathmate Hydromax, cock rings can enable you to maintain your erection for longer but these should not be left in place for more than 30 minutes.

Vibrating constriction rings can offer both sexual stimulation to the man and clitoral stimulation such as the Je Joue Mio so is a great sex toy to incorporate into your sex life.

The Atom Plus is the world’s first cock ring designed with dual integrated motors, offering intense perineum stimulation combined with powerful vibrations on the top of the shaft of the penis.

The unique sensation that perineum stimulation provides during masturbation can lead to a heightened pleasurable experience resulting in a powerful orgasm. It features an ergonomically shaped contact area for a partner to grind against during penetrative sex, whilst the stretchy ring promotes strong, firm erections and an intense orgasm.

The unique shape of Atom Plus enables it to be be used from flaccid and allows the wearer to orgasm even without an erection, making it ideal for those with erectile dysfunction.

People with a penis can struggle to orgasm too.

We often think that erectile dysfunction is just about people with a penis not being able to get or maintain an erection or ejaculating too quicky however, some people find they struggle to orgasm or it takes much longer. They may find they can orgasm when visually stimulated watching porn, erotic films or their partner masturbating and when enjoying oral sex but struggle when they have penetrative sex. Just as sex toys can promote and help to maintain an erection and slow down ejaculation, some are ideal for helping with delayed ejaculation including Fleshlight These can help people become accustomed to the sensation of being inside a vagina or anus and are often recommended by many of the psychosexual therapists we work with.

Using a vibrator designed for a penis such as Pulse Solo Essential or the Fun Factory Manta can help or even a small powerful bullet vibrator used on the head of the penis. You may find you can enjoy an orgasm when using an anal toy or prostate massager. These are great to play with alone or with a partner.