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Have you ever had a sleep orgasm?

Have you ever had a sleep orgasm? | Jo Divine

The terms “wet dream” and “nocturnal orgasm” are normally associated with men. This is as a result of it being taught in sex education lessons, as male sexuality is seen as being more uncontrollable than female sexuality.

Nocturnal erections are commonplace for many men. On average, a healthy man will have between three and five erections each night, lasting up to 25 minutes in duration. It is common knowledge that men wake up with a full ‘morning glory’, which is the last of the night time erections. The reasons for these erections occurring are not fully understood, but it is believed that it is closely related to the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep when dreaming. About 80% of men experience wet dreams during their lives and it is believed that 37% of women experience them too (Kinsey 1953).

Often these orgasms occur as a result of dreaming erotic images, but they may also occur when dreams are of a non-erotic nature. As to why they occur is unclear. Research by Calvin Kai-Ching-Yu (2012) surveyed 670 people about how their sleeping habits affected the way in which they had dreams and found that people who slept on their stomachs reported the most frequent instances of sexy dreams. This may be due to the pressure against the genital areas on the mattress. Many women reported not beginning the night sleeping on their back but will wake up lying on their front in a state of arousal.

Research by Wells et al (1986) found that of the 245 female college undergraduates they interviewed, 37% reported having orgasms in their sleep. 32% experienced their their first orgasm at 16 years or younger, with the percentage rising to 58% by 18 years and to 88% by age 21. The likelihood of having a nocturnal orgasms was not associated with one’s previous sexual history, such as being sexually active, having frequent sex and orgasms. There was also no correlation between sleep orgasms and sexual dreams.

The only factors that predicted a higher chance of orgasming during sleep were greater levels of sexual satisfaction, having a more liberal attitude towards sex and having a more positive attitude toward sleep orgasms. It may be that more women have sleep orgasms than is reported due to the fact they may not be aware they are happening. Now you know what sleep orgasms are and how they happen, you might enjoy the pleasures of having one very soon. Enjoy your sleep!