How to Female Ejaculate

How to Female Ejaculate

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Many women relish the feeling of wetness in their vagina, whilst others feel it is unpleasant and think they are urinating. It is believed that between 10%-69% of women ejaculate, but many think it is either male ejaculate or vaginal lubrication.

Men who ejaculate describe it as “a feeling of letting go”, “liberating” and “incredibly pleasurable”. Women who ejaculate say the same things, but for many women, letting go or holding back is a block to them achieving female ejaculation. Whilst some women can naturally ejaculate, nearly all women are capable but just need to learn how to do it. Taking time to learn the basic skills, you may achieve intense orgasms and heightened sexual pleasure.


Empty your bladder before sex. This will allay any fears that you may be urinating. It is a good idea to do this before having sex at any time to avoid risk of urinary infection as the opening for the vaginal and urethra are very close in the female anatomy.

Place a towel on the bed or wherever you choose to have sex. No one likes sleeping on the damp patch! If you spend time doing your pelvic floor exercises, you will become aware of these muscles which are important for female ejaculation. You may want to try it alone at first, sexually arousing yourself using your fingers or a sex toy.

Get aroused

In order to ejaculate, you need to build up your level of arousal. This can be achieved by:

  • Imagining sexy thoughts, reading erotic fiction or watching films
  • Using your favourite sex toy, spending time building up to your orgasm. Try more than one toy at a time to increase your sexual stimulation. Stimulate your G-spot with your finger or a sex toy, gently moving it in slow circular movements.
  • Whilst doing this, try bearing down as if you were about to pee.
  • Repeat this process several times, relaxing and then pushing down whilst stimulating your G-spot.

Point of ejaculation

As you become familiar with the way your vagina feels, you may begin to notice how swollen your G-spot has become. Increase the stimulation of your G-spot however you like. You will notice it feels like you are about to pee or are peeing but you are definitely not. Just going with the flow will increase your sexual pleasure and intensity of your orgasm.

What if nothing happens?

It takes time and practice: some women achieve ejaculation first time, whereas others need to find what works for them. If you do not enjoy G-spot stimulation, try rubbing your clitoris or whatever method works for you. Concentrating too hard can make it difficult to ejaculate. Holding back, rather than going with the way you feel, can stop ejaculation. Just try again when you are in the mood – but bear in mind that it does not work for all women, contrary to popular belief.

How do you feel after ejaculation?

Once you have ejaculated for the first time, you will be better prepared to recognise the sensations you felt and what form of stimulation you needed. Get to know your ejaculate by smelling it and feeling its consistency. You will soon realise that it is definitely not urine.

How to get started

The best way to get started is to invest in a sex toy designed for G-spot stimulation. It can be difficult to stay comfortable and sustain enough pressure using your fingers so using G-spot toys can really help. These are specially curved and firm enough to fit snugly to the wall of the vagina and you can adjust the pressure and vibration as much as is needed. Many of these toys are specifically designed to reach the G-spot, with curved or flat heads ideal for pressing against the G-spot. Either a dildo or a vibrator is suitable.

The LELO Mona is both curved and slim if you are concerned about inserting it into your vagina. With a tapered head, it offers direct stimulation to the G-spot.

Try the Enigma, ergonomically designed and incredibly flexible, the sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, allowing you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation just for you.

Rocks-Off Dalia is a battery powered vibrator, cleverly shaped with its curved shaft to offer direct stimuation to your G-Spot.

Using glass or metal dildos is another great way to stimulate your G-Spot too. You can enjoy temperature sex play by warming or cooling these versatile products to create unique sexual sensations and intense G-Spot pleasure.

The OhMiBod Cuddle may look small but is perfectly shaped to stimulate you G-Spot

By trying some of the methods above, it is possible for many women to achieve female ejaculation. If at first you do not succeed, try again, because whatever you do, it will be fun and feel incredibly good.