Have Better Sex This Winter

Have Better Sex This Winter

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The temperature is slowly dropping and winter clothes are being taken out of storage. Some people think that their libido dips during the colder months, while others enjoy great sex at this time of year. Why not use this winter to ramp up your sexual arousal and turn that small sexual spark into a blazing fire!

Dress sexier

Don’t let your sexual allure disappear under lots of layers. Research conducted in Israel (2013) found that many people appear more sexy in the winter than in the summer. The mere sight of a glimpse of flesh can get your partners or your juices flowing, so dress to tease your partner with your concealed sexy secrets hidden under that layer of clothing. Even if you do resemble a snowman, you can still wear sexy lingerie beneath your layers to make you feel sexy and for your partner to find when they peels away your clothes. Stripping off all those layers can be really tantilising especially if your take your time. Wear body fitting layers to reveal your curves and tantalise your partner’s appetite.

Enjoy a sensual touch

Often your skin can become dry and itchy due to the cold and central heating. Use this as an excuse to experience an all over body massage using scented oils and lotions. Turn up the heat for both you and your partner by enjoying a massage together. The exotic feel of highly scented oils will get his senses aroused as well as other parts of their body, and having them knead your warm, oiled skin is sure to turn you both on. Give directions to your partner where you want to be touched, guide their hands and mouth and tell them when it feels good.

Return the favour and pleasure by giving them a body massage too, concentrating on any obvious areas that need your attention. Pay extra attention to all important areas using a lubricant such as YES organic lube or Sutil Luxe to make sure everything is extremely well-lubricated. A well-lubricated penis, vulva, vagina or anus is one sure way to ensure that you both enjoy fabulous sex.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Winter is a fabulous time to light a fire and snuggle down under a cosy nest of duvets or blankets. Don’t just roast your chestnuts and marshmallows on the fire but get toasty together too. Dim the lights, light some scented candles and enjoy snuggling up. Take this opportunity to strip off as the temperature rises and enjoy the pleasures of each other’s bodies, taking time to explore every area with your fingers and mouth.

Hot chocolate anyone?

There is nothing more satisfying than sipping a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream to make you feel content, but why not incorporate some of those naughty foods into food foreplay to make them even more tasty? Feed each other tiny morsels of dark chocolate and fruit pieces, or try drizzling champagne over skin and licking it off – you never know where those bubbles may end up! Give your undivided attention to all those important body parts to create a slow burning heat within your partner’s body.

There’s more than one way to get wet…

Enjoy sharing a long, steamy bath together, ensuring that you soap each other thoroughly all over, not missing one bit – or take a long, hot shower, letting the heat of the water warm you up inside and out. Try taking a waterproof sex toy such as the Satisfyer Pro or the Pulse III Solo Essential into the bath to create waves of pleasure. Use the shower head to stimulate those intimate body parts, making sure that they are washed clean and ready to be devoured by your mouth.

Take the plunge

Rather than stripping off and putting on those fleecy PJs, turn up the thermostat and slip into bed naked. Get your partner to join you in a huge embrace. Rubbing against each other’s bodies to get warm will soon get those sexual sparks lit. The sensation of being wrapped in your loved one’s body will stimulate those carnal desires and what began as a cuddle will turn into a more satisfying experience!

Hibernate, just like bears!

Why not hibernate for the weekend and spend it in bed? It might not be possible at the moment to get relatives to child-mind if you have children or go away for a sexy winter break to a hotel due to COVID but if you can, stay in bed and use the time to thoroughly explore each other’s bodies.

Create your own erotic film or read erotic fiction to get your sexual senses flowing. Take naughty food into bed, feeding each other morsels of chocolate, fruit and whipped cream from your fingers or any other part of your body you like.

Use a long mirror to ensure that you can see all the action happening. Seeing your sexual expression reflected back at you can be incredibly arousing. Don’t just stick to having sex in bed: try other furniture or different rooms in the house.

Experiment with sex toys, raising your sexual pleasure to another level by using them on each other or watching them being played with by your partner. Some remote control toys allow your partner to control the speed and intensity of the sexual pleasure you receive, building your sexual tension and making you want to explode.

Use bondage such as blindfolds and ties to restrain your partner. Make them beg for your touch by offering feather like tantalising caresses all over their body. Feed them tiny morsels of food or lick honey from their body. Depriving them of their sight and not telling them what you are doing next will only enhance their sexual excitement – or perhaps tell them exactly what you are going to do to them to make them shake with desire!

Whatever you do this winter, don’t let plunging temperatures make your libido take a dip: boost the heat by trying some of the above to increase your sexual pleasure and work yourself into a fever that can only be quenched by getting naughty under the covers!

Written By : Samantha Evans