CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover Review

CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover Review

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Having been sent the Marvelous Lover I was intrigued by its unique design. While smaller in size and the same colour, it actually looked more like a spatula I regularly use in my kitchen when baking!

The Marvelous Lover is a gorgeous flexible double ended personal massager offering 10 powerful vibration levels, pulsation and escalation functions. Being flexible, Lover holds its position, allowing you to get it in exactly the right place.

The uniquely shaped flat head with its clitoral bump covers the whole vulval area, in addition to direct clitoral pleasure stimulation, whilst the smooth silicone handle is great for internal pleasure.

The single motor is in the shaft, but the vibrations travel through to the head, and you can bend the Lover, so it stimulates both your internal G-spot and external clitoris for hands-free pleasure and blended orgasms.

Testing Marvelous Lover

Once I got over how stylish the box was, not something I generally write about or include in my reviews, but it was really gorgeous, I was surprised to find the Lover was smaller than I expected. However, as I was to discover, size isn’t everything, it has powerful vibrations and a uniquely designed sex toy!

Lover comes with its own charging cable you put into the resealable port on the top of the head. The fact it is resealable means Lover is waterproof, so perfect for bath time fun too.

I left my Lover charging for several hours to ensure it was fully powered up. It flashes whilst it is charging, then the light remains on when fully charged.

Finding the house quiet for once, I nestled back against the pillows and got comfy on the bed. I had a play around with the controls of the Lover, which were really simple, just 2 buttons on the head of the toy. Holding it by the handle, the button next to the charging port turns it on and the other button allows you to cycle through a range of vibrations speeds and the pulsation patterns. The buttons light up and flash when you cycle through the pulse patterns.

The slowest vibration speed offered a deep rumble which felt great in my hand as the whole product vibrated.

Popping my favourite oil-based lubricant onto my clitoris and a little on the head of Lover I played around with the vibration speeds and pulse patterns enjoying the pleasurable sensations coursing through my clitoris and the fact I could position the handle comfortably, no awkward wrist action! The head of the Lover is great as it covers the whole vulva, something many clitoral stimulators do not do. The tip is extremely flexible, and I loved playing it over the tip of my clitoris and inside the vagina entrance.

Before I got too carried away, I switched ends and slowly inserted the handle into my vagina.

WOW, for a small shaft, this was one powerful sex toy sending vibrations right through to my bottom, always a good sensation. Bending the head of the Lover to more than 90 degrees, I was able to stimulate both my clitoris and vagina, and it stayed in place, hands free!

I found a pulse pattern I really liked, fast and slow vibrations that enabled me to edge towards my orgasm.

Lying there, hands free with this gorgeous Lover inside me, I enjoyed an amazing blended orgasm which pulsated through my body in delicious waves of pleasure.

I’ve since tried the Lover as a clitoral stimulator which is excellent and just for internal pleasure, and it made me orgasm each time. The flexible tip also feels sensational on your nipples too.

Do I like this new Lover?

When you first set eyes upon the Lover it looks very curious, but when in use it was amazing. I loved the flexible handle, the deep rumbling vibrations, I never got past the second speed as the highest speed was just too strong for my needs but would satisfy any vibration hungry person!

From the shape of the head which covers and stimulates the whole vulva to the slim handle that slips inside your vagina effortlessly yet delivers waves of strong vibrations and pulsation to the fact it flexes to stay in place, offering dual stimulation, the Marvelous Lover is the perfect Lover for me!

Partner and Anal Play

I want to try this on my partner because I think he would find it so pleasurable on the shaft of his penis, around the head and under the perineum.

You could even use the handle for anal play due to its flexibility, enabling it to stay in place to offer gorgeous anal stimulation. As with any sex toy, you share or use together or for anal play, popping a condom on it will help keep it hygienic and always ensure you clean it thoroughly after use, either with soap and hot water or a specific sex toy cleaner.


  • Completely flexible, offering dual stimulation
  • Uniquely shaped clitoral head covers the whole vulva
  • Deep rumbling vibrations
  • Range of pulse patterns to choose from
  • Waterproof so ideal for bathtime fun
  • Easy to use 2 button control
  • The slim handle is ideal for those wanting a smaller toy and good for helping women who experience vaginal tightness or scarring


  • You cannot cycle up and down the vibration speed and pulse patterns but once you find one you like, it really is not a problem.
  • You do need to push the charging cable in firmly